Mvd question

I have my surgery scheduled for March 18. I am a little anxious of the recovery but feel that I am in good hands. My question is do you need someone to be with you for anytime period when you come home?

Hi Wendyjo,
I remember being quite anxious as well in the days and weeks leading up to my MVD. The morning of, a strange calm washed over me…I hope y feel that too!
Yes, you will definitely want someone home with you the first week at the least… We all experience our recovery differently but the first week the simplest tasks were difficult.
I HIGHLY recommend going over to the MVD group and read through the discussions…LOTS of great advice, tips and shared personal experiences.
I devoured literally every conversation and took away so much info that I really felt well prepared which helped ease the stress/ anxiety and some of the fear.
MVD group can be found under the groups tab located above in the black header bar.
Positive thoughts and prayers, (( hugs )) Mimi

Yes at least one week… And don’t bend your head down for three!

Yes! Like Mimi said the simplest things are difficult and you can set yourself back quickly. To help during my recovery time my daughters and I made freezer crock pot meals to us. I am 3 weeks post MVD and I still need help. Good luck! I was anxious too but it was worth it!

Thank you all so much. I want to be as prepared as possible. As it gets closer I get more nervous.

If you are out of your mind anxiety… Ask primary or neuro for a few clonazapam… I did,!

I was also anxious before. I had a whole 3 months to "think" about it (more like worry) once I scheduled it until the actual date. The good news for me though is that I was able to follow an intensive anti-inflammatory diet and reinforce with supplements for 8 weeks before my surgery and then continued this for 2 months after surgery. This helped tremendously in my recovery. You still have 2 weeks so can't hurt to do some of that on your own. There are a ton of books and websites that will guide you. I used the book, "The Rapid Recovery Handbook: Your Complete Guide to Faster Healing After Surgery" by Elizabeth Motyka & Tom Totyka. I got the book suggestion through this support group. I definitely needed help the first several days home. I needed someone to even walk me up stairs (balance issue for a day or two) and just do basic things and take care of the kids.

Funny, Mimi, I also was super anxious and then the morning of the surgery and even the night before, I was as calm as could be. I was happy and at peace.

I wish you well and please keep us updated! I will pray for you. I had my MVD 4 months ago on Oct. 30th. I am pain free and med free!!!

I forgot to mention that I had a meal train set up by a dear friend (I asked her actually). You can sign up at I had meals brought to my house for 6 weeks! I didn't need that many but so many people reached out and wanted to help. There are angels in our world :).