MVD.....PROGRESS REPORT 28 days after surgery

It has been 28 days since MVD surgery at USC Medical Center, Los Angeles December 14...2010...I am 100 % free of TN Pain Shocks and Spasms...* after over five years and 5 previous types of procedures...i.e. Gamma Knife and 4 balloon/glycerol operations which made the left side of my face, mouth and teeth permanently numbed but failed to keep the awful pain away....I now have MY LIFE BACK..I wake up in the morning and pinch myself to make sure I am not more tegretol etc etc...I am going to start jogging again soon and walking 18 holes of golf carrying my sticks as soon as the doc permits...I am back running my business and each day my mental capacity seems to improve and my energy level get stronger.

I highly recommend MVD surgery to my fellow TN sufferers, providing you have a very very experienced surgeon who has performed many MVD operations...that is the key...not all neurosurgeons are experienced enough with this specialized surgery and you can end up worse off then you were before surgery...My doctor was Steve Giannotta at USC Los Angeles...he is the best and most experienced that I could find near where I live.

Thank you for sharing this, Vic. I am seeing a neurosurgeon tomorrow and am really scared. I have no idea which surgery is his specialty as I'm getting as many opinions as I can. This is just the beginning of my investigation. It's so good to hear stories of success. It means a lot. Again, I appreciate that you're sharing these words of encouragement. Enjoy all those things that you're able to do now.

Best wishes,


Its great that the surgery worked for you. Very happy for you :slight_smile:

Isn't it wonderful Vic? Today is 2 months for me since my successful MVD. Life is sunny again!!

Wishing us all continued pain free days,


Dear Vic,

I am thrilled for you! It is so great to hear success stories - I would pinch myself too! I had a number of weeks free of pain after mine, only for the type 2 to return. I can tell you that the day you realize it didn't work is awful. I am absolutely thrilled for you, and I hope that soon you will only visit this website to drop in and say hi, and return, so completely appreciative, to a normal life! I know that every day from now onwards you will wake up cherishing each day so much more - that is the gift that you take away from all of this.



Congrats! Keep us posted.