MVD Post-op, hearing loss & facial numbness

14 days after MVD surgery at MUSC in SC.
Has anyone else lost hearing after MVD surgery? I knew it was a low risk chance, but can’t believe it has happened to me! My NS says it will come back along with my facial paralysis.

I had an appointment with my ENT today, who informed me that there is very little chance my hearing will come back (I sure am glad I continued to advocate for myself and didn’t just wait 3 months). He told me that all that can be done is to inject steroids through my inner ear to try and get it as close to the nerve as possible. This will hopefully reduce the inflamation of the nerve and increse my chances of hearing. That means he burned my ear drum with Phenol and then injected steroids into my inner ear. I am still having major pain from surgery…worse almost than before surgery…and this freaking HURT! And I have to do it again tomorrow and probably the next day and maybe for a few weeks. That is going to be so expensive and so painful. I feel like I am being tortured every day or so, ever since surgery.

On a happier note, both doctors agree that the facial paralysis will clear up in about 3 months.

Has anyone else gone through this? I sure hope not, but if you have I would like to know if your hearing came back and how long did it take? This is slowly turning into a nightmare for me. I’m still positive as of now, but it is getting harder and harder.

I am still in increible pain. May be even worse after surgery. It is still nerve pain in the ear, but not the deep ice pick stabbing. But just as bad. Did anyone else have this much pain AFTER surgery? I’ve asked my NS to please reevaluate my pain managemet plan and get my pain under control by getting my prescriptions right. I expect to hear from him tomorrow.

I have also developed tennitus after surgery. I have a buzzing noise in my ear, every word I say. It’s super annoying. I’m hoping that goes away.

Hope everyone else is having a better day than I am. I appreciate anyone’s experience or advice. Thank you in advance.

Best Wishes to all,

I experienced very muffled hearing, and a sensation of my ears being clogged after both my MVDS. The right ear took several months to clear up, and the left took about two months. I did experience pain from both loud, and high pitched noises during this time, I never consulted an ENT, since several other members on here had experienced the same thing.
I am sorry you are going through this, and hope you get some relief soon.

In 4 years ive heard of one older lady who lost hearing in that ear…but she said it was worth the trade off for her.

I have a hearing problem and vestibular dizziness you will learn to cope please hang in there

The pain has finally subsided. I am 3 weeks post-op today. My ENT put me back on a high dose of steroids to hopefully help my hearing come back. As for the facial paralysis, a friend of mine noticed it and let me know it is Bell’s Palsy. My ENT disagrees because he says BP is only caused by a virus. Not true. It can be caused by trauma, such as MVP surgery. When I left the hospital, my face had tone and the muscles were working. As I weened off of steroids, my face started to droop more and more and became fully paralyzed. I asked my ENT about it and he said that should have had nothing to do with it. He put me back on strong steroids to help get my hearing back, and in one day I could start feeling facial muscles trying to work. 3 days after taking steroids, my face has several muscles moving. I believe whold heartedly this is due to being put back on steroids. I just wanted to share that, in case anyone else has facial paralysis/ Bell’s Palsy as a complication from surgery. I am weening off of Lyrica (the Devil) and should be done in 2 days- THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY! I still have hearing loss, but am starting another round of steroid shots in my ear tomorrow. I’m feeling stronger and better every day. Still hoping my hearing returns, it is becoming more challenging and frustrating by the day. No pain and small improvements today is amazing!!! I’m also trying a holistic approach, using Young Living essential oils (the purest/finest), Magnisium, and shots of Vit B12 to help get my nerves and cells to regenerate. If you are interested in the essential oils (they have natural anitbacterial, anti-innflamatory, and even calming properties), just send me a message and I will try to answer questions and can possibly get you set up to get your own oils. I would have never believed in them, until I was in the GN pain. They helped and I’m continuing to use them to get me through the recovery.
Best Wishes to all,

I had mvd jan 2016 and had absolutely no hearing in my ear and as of right now I can hear just a little bit out of it and it feels full all the time. I have had severe tinnitus/atypical trigeminal neuralgia for 8 years. I don't feel any different since the surgery, maybe a little worse. I hope my symptoms clear up and I get better. This disorder has ruined my life. I have a deep burning ache with tinnitus all day everyday. I was so hoping the surgery would help.