MVD on February 17th

I was diagnosed in 1999 in Chicago. In 2002 I saw a surgeon shortly before I moved to the Atlanta area. That doctor did not think I was a candidate for MVD because he thought that I only had atypical pain. I found a good neurologist in our new city. He has been very good about about working with me to try different meds and combinations of meds. He has also been good about encouraging me to get another opinion about MVD. For several years I was my own road block to seeing a surgeon. I was in fear of being denied again. Adding to the delay of getting an MVD opinion were life events that didn't allow me to focus on persuing surgery. I had several surgeries that had nothing to do with TN. I kept telling myself, "once things settle down . . ." Well things finally sort of settled down. I got brave and went to a surgeon I had met when taking a friend to see him. Unfortunately it turned out that he no longer does MVD. A few more months went by and my neuro encouraged me to see a guy he knows. I checked him out and got brave again and called for an appointment. It took almost 2 weeks before the P.A. got back to me to quiz me about my symptoms. Once I had spoken with him it was another week before I got a call back to let me know that the doctor would see me. I had to get an MRA before seeing him so it was another 10 days or so before I could see the doc. I really surprised myself by how stressed out I got while waiting for my appointment. I was so worried about whether or not the doc would agree to operate on me. I kept thinking about all I have put up with for over 15 years. I came up with lots of reasons why I was, "worthy" to get a hole cut in my head. I fully expected that I would have to plead my case with him. I knew that I would burst into tears if he told me, "No." I was so relieved when he told me he thought I should have MVD. I was stunned when his scheduler told me I could have the surgery on Feb 17th. It is such a production to get in to see this doc because he is in such demand. My appoinment was on the 5th and surgery just ten days later! My head is spinning! My MRI was normal and I don't know what the report said on my MRA but the doc and the PA saw an artery or blood vessel (I can't remember what he said) resting on my crazy nerve.

So here I am, after all of these years, suddenly on the door step of getting some of my life back. I feel like Feb 17th will be a birthday for me.

Wow. I hope all goes well for you! Good luck.

Best of luck. I had my surgery 30 yrs ago on New Years eve and it was the very best New Years Day I have ever had. You will celebrate Feb 17th the rest of your life!!

Best of luck!

I wish you luck. I know how you feel. My first neurologist prescribed medicine and said there was nothing else that could be done. Only if you cannot eat. Did not care for his bed side manners. After 2 years seeing him my TN went into remission (that's what I call it). My medical Dr referred me to a new neurologist. Oh what a wonderful Dr he was. Under is care, we tried several medications. None of helped until I started with lamitcal. I had great success with the lamitcal for 2 years. Dr said my body had grown immune to it now. So he did botox, it did not work. He referred me on to a pain management Dr. Since July I've had gasserian ganglion block and 2 radio frequency lesions. Nothing helped. 2 weeks ago Dr added baclofen along with lamitcal. I go back in 2 weeks and I am to request for MVD. This may sound odd7, but I hope and pray I have MVD done.

I understand your frustration and anxiety over your 15 years. It took 10 years (and a horrible 10 yrs) for me to be diagnosed. I had surgery (Gl. Rhizotomy) and then my story went from lovin' life for two years to unfortunately not so great now. I did celebrate the anniversary of my first surgery for those two years - went out to dinner and had a toast to havin' my life back!! I am sure you will do the same!

I am so excited for you and I will be praying for you as well - I wish you the best!!

Sincerely, Jodi

Please let us know how you are doing...