MVD next week

Hi everyone,
Just got told this morning that instead of a four month wait, the surgeon will operate in a week. Am nervous and excited at the same time. He has performed hundreds of these and has a 96% success rate of pain free for 5 years but at the same time it seems surreal it’s actually happening!
Any post operative advice would be very welcomed eg pain expectations, returning to work. I got the standard recovery talk, but would love to hear from the voices of experience! Oh, and while I’m in hospital recovering, we’re moving house. Good timing…

Good luck on your up coming MVD. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Let us know how you are doing.

Good luck with your MVD. Every patient is different but my MVD way back in 1995, was totally uneventful. I awoke from anesthesia pain free. Was in neuro intensive care overnight and on the floor for 2 days. No headache and the only pain was the incision area which was expected. I was back to work in 10 days post op. Ate a carrot in neuro ICU for the first time in 3 years! Unfortunately for me, pain returned in 4 years but the MVD was still worth it.

Am nearly 24 hours post op now and it has been a success! So thankful. I had atypical TN, so still have burning pain, but much reduced. I had 2 compressions, one vein, one artery and a vein growing inside the nerve. Only the vein compression was picked up on the MRI. Feeling quite chipper really! Have a patch for nausea but I must say the wound pain is more intense than I believed it would be. Surgeon did warn me though! Am in for another 4 nights and I plan on enjoying every one of them before its back to the kiddies. K


I had my MVD in 2009 I had a terrible headache like a concussion after the surgery. I was in ICU for 2 days but pain free. My balance was off which I was warned of. Plus my energy which I thought was going to good was not really there. Which I was warned of as well. Doctor said if you think you can walk to the end of the block chances are it won’t happen. I played softball several times a week even though I was in pain. I tried to walk to the stop sign that wasn’t that wasn’t a half block away afterwards and my energy was none. My balance was the worst. It really bother me the most. I was off work for several weeks. Then went back to work only half day for about a month. But the main thing I came out pain free from the surgery. However, it only lasted about 2 years. I am now having some of the worst pains I have ever had. I am probably looking at having a second MVD in the next few months. Just having to go through all the test now. Let us know how you do after surgery.

I’m also recovering from mvd on 1-20-17…keep us posted :slight_smile: praying right now for you


I am still waiting on the call from the doctor’s office. Will let you know when I hear anything. Thank you for your prayers. These drugs are killing me.


Hey everyone,
Am doing well. Both TN and surgical ain all gone. Still very tired and dizzy, but everyday is better. Have had lots of support and it’s made a massive difference to my recovery. Still have another 4 weeks off work and before I can drive, so am taking things very slow. K

Glad to hear everything is going good after your MVD. It was not recommend that I have a second MVD do to the lack of success of the first one. So I had the gamma knife procedure on Feb. 9th and so far have been pain free. I am currently reducing the meds I was on and hope that eventually I will be off the completely. Keep taking it slow and keep us updated you your progress.


That is great news! So pleased it was a success. I’m nearly back to normal and still pain free. Started back at work 2 weeks ago, and apart from being a bit tired, it’s gone ok.
Hope you are able to reduce your meds successfully.