Mvd- has this happend to you? Severe pain just over a year from mvd

Has this happened to any of you? i thoght i posted this but cant find it. Soorry for typos, on my cell here. my
Mvd was just over a year ago. im frustrated that ive been reliving severe pain for four days. my upper left teeth- as always my main trigger point. need soft foods asap! i will of course see a dr asap while i was hoping it would have gone by now. the interesting thing is during my mvd my spine was injured and thus had a major increase in narcostics and two spine surgeries. these narcotics may have covered up the successful results from the mvd. now that I've weaned quite a lot, it may be a reason, or be totally unrelated from what i know about right now. have any of you had an mvd last for only a year? what did you then do? im allergic to tegretol and triliptal. all meds for tn make me unable to function, as does the severe pain. gabapention was pushed on me prior to the mvd. due to horror stories of side effects i chose the triliptal, then cymbalta. All with tylenol 3. when first diagnosed i was on baclofin and percocet. tyleonol 3 i felt was a bit of a joke. soon after the cymbalta i had my mvd. still on it for leg nerve pain and oxycodone (at a much lower dose now), oxycontin, same dose as always per spine, valium, per spine and trazadone, for sleep. unfortunatly my back and leg are in a very painful place (right leg) and
Of course my left face, especially at the upper teeth. sleeping is off and on through the night because of pain.
So my main question is, do you know of, or have you had your mvd stop helping after a year? since im having so much dull tooth pain, with shocks if i do anything with my teeth, and less frequent cheeck shocks coming from the tn nerve, could this mean im not the classical tn as diagnosed? prior to mvd it was teeth, cheecks, eye, all shocks with some dull teeth pain. now that i think of it, my first major attack happend after a few days of dull teeth pain. Ooohy i hope I'm not about to repeat that!

Thank you for any input and i look forward to your stories. sorry for typos- on the cell.

Xoxo, sara

so sorry to hear -

but - did you have a full year WITHOUT pain ? did i understand right ?

i now many does repeaetd MVD surgeries if needed.

hang on there - i know it's very very difficult. but if you had a good MVD once - maybe it means there IS hope for you case - i mean - there IS a way to help in your situation - so it might be lucky the second time.

Thank you Nir! That is a great way to look at it. I truly hope I won't need another MVD for a long long time. I'm sure part of the reason I've been so successful, is because I've been on a high amount of narcotics from my 2 other spine surgeries in 2011, and now that I've weaned so much from the narcotics, things are flaring up. At the same time, I'm told and have read that narcotics don't do as much for pain as we think they do. I'm in debate about that with TN. Still curious why many neurologists fear giving narcotics to us, and push extremely harmful anticonvultants. Both cognitively sedate you, however, you don't need blood tests every six weeks on narcotics as you do anticonvulants. The baclofin and percocet were my best help on pain pre MVD (which I was on for 2 months just as I was diagnosed), while of course, I was extremely sedated. All of the TN meds affect me so much that I can not work, as does the pain. I'd rather be sedated. Being 31 now, I'm sure another MVD would be the best for me, assuming I dont need a spinal fusion... so with 3 big surgeries in 2011, I hesitate to do any surgeries, because I'm still simply exhausted, weaning from ton's of meds, and have a severe amount of pain. EEK! Day by Day. More and more to learn.