MVD- Fun question! (& recovery question & medicine question)

Hi everyone! I have a fun question, especially for those with long hair! How much hair is shaved off for the MVD surgery? Any tips on how to wear you hair while its growing back? I'm laughing b/c I have been working hard on growing my hair long the past year- it was super short pixie- and its finally to my shoulders, and then TN messed it all up! Hahaha. I wish that were the worst of my concerns! Well, I thought this would be a fun question to ask ya'll.

My other question is- what is the real MVD recovery like? My mom will be flying out to stay with me. Do I need someone by my side for a week, a month... etc. What was your recovery like? What tips do you have on making the recovery easier?

My last question for now is- Is it normal to have been taking Tylenol 3 for basically 7 months straight? At this point, I don't worry about it, because its the only thing that helps. I've gone from baclofin to tegrotal to triliptal to now cymbalta- and needing more and more pain meds b/c the pain is not undercontrol yet, and I'm probably getting used to the Tylenol 3. My Dr doesn't want to give me percocet- for obvious addiction reasons. Does anyone have other narcotics that do well?

I wonder, are all of us "high" on this site?!

Bless you all! To a WONDERFUL LIFE! Embrace it, find the beauty in small things, draw, paint, wonder, dream and when in doubt, take a long bubble bath.

Hi Sara,

I'll try to answer as many of your questions as I can.

#1. They only shave a little patch of hair right behind the ear they are doing the surgery on. Either you or they can pin the rest of the hair out of the way. After surgery, the hair higher than the shaved part will cover your surgical site.

#2. Everyone's recovery after surgery is very different. I would definitely want someone with me for at least a week and two would be better. If you and Mom get along really well and she can stay a month, go for it!

#3. Pain meds: So individual - you may experience withdrawal from your pain meds and I'm sure your Doctor will help you with that, if necessary. However, when taken correctly and for the right reasons, there is usually little to no dependence on them. So, you might not have a problem at all.

NO, WE'RE NOT ALL HIGH! Some people don't even use pain meds! Incredibly, they are really tough and get along with anti-seizure meds and alternative medicine!

Best of luck to you. When is your MVD scheduled? Who is doing it?