MVD and Driving Licences for UK members!

Hi, I was just wondering for our UK members who have had MVD's that following your MVD were you told that you had to contact the DVLA in order to surrender your driving licence? I was told in no uncertain terms by my NS and other staff at the hospital in MIddlesbrough that due to the MVD being classed as a major intercranial operation that the DVLA say that you have to surrender your licence.

So once home following my op, my husband contacted the DVLA who said I had 2 options, 1, that I could surrender my licence volunterily and 2, I could keep my licence at which point they would investigate me and I would lose my licence anyway! I ask this as I have been speaking to one of our American friends who has told me that 6 weeks post op she has recovered well and is now back driving.

Looking forward to your responses to this,no doubt they may be varried!




i had a mvd a few years ago no one told me that i had it in liverpool, transverd from the isle of man think i will be looking in to it

Thanks for reply Niall,let me know what you find. Me and my husband did try to look this up on the DVLA website but I couldn't find anything relating to MVD's or intercranial brain surgery hiwever, as I said when my husband phoned them following my MVD they said that I did have to surrender my licence for a period of up to 6 months. I am now begining to feel a lot better and I am now starting to think that given a little more time I think I will probably feel okay to drive at which point I will have to see if I can get my licence back without too many problems!

Hi Mandy, i've had 2 MVD ops and didn't do anything with my driving licence and wasn't told too. Tracey

Hi Tracey, thanks for replying. I now just wonder why I was told to by my NS and other Drs on the ward and then when my husband contacted the DVLA they said that I had to surrender my licence for up to 6 months! Think I’ll leave it for a few weeks and then see if I can get it back!

Seems odd.Had both my ops at Addenbrooks Cambridge by 2 different surgeons and neither said anything about my driving.I was back driving within 4 weeks xx

That seems really strange. My NS told me prior to my op at one of my visits to him that I would have to contact the DVLA and then told me again prior to being discharged from hospital otherwise I would never have thought to contact them! It must be just a big thing in Middlesbrough but I’m definitely going to look into it though, I’m going to be totally lost if I can’t drive for the next 6 months. I may also have to have the MVD on my left side too in the New year so that would mean even longer without my car!!! Xx

This is the oddest thing I have ever heard in relation to MVD! I drove from 10 days post op, very comfortably and no problems at all - but I am not in the UK. Would never dream of surrendering drivers licence wherever I was though, that's the last thing you want to do when you've just got your 'freedom' back post MVD. Absolutely flabbergasted at the notion!

Thanks for your reply Maur, It seems like I'm the only person who has had to surrender my licence! I received a letter from our DVLA yesterday informing me that to get my licence back I need to see my GP so he can say that i meet the 'medical standards of fitness to drive' and then to fill in a stated application form! I think I'm now just going to leave it untl after Xmas and then see the GP. My only worry is that I am still on the TN meds which I can't tolerate that well but prio to my op I only ever drove if I felt as though I could and I'm very capable of using my own judgement and inititive as regards to driving so it did sadden me when I had to surrender it!

Hi Mandy
When i had my MVD done back in 2006 in Aust i was advised by my NS that i was not to drive and given a letter to say as much.
10 weeks later I revisited the Nurosurgeon and was re assesed and was given the all clear to drive

Any issues with insurance or liability etc would have been a huge issue if I had driven without the surgeons all clear and had an accident etc.I am suprised that this is not more common.

I did not have to surrender my license here but it effectivly the same thing.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for that, I was begining to think that I was the only person who has been told not to drive following MVD surgery. When my husband has explained the possible reasons it, it does make sense, I just don't like not having the control of my licence ha ha! I am managing without the car so far so I guess it's not been too bad and will seek advice from my GP after Xmas as I'm not due to see the NS until 5th March!

Thanks again