MVD #2 done one week ago

Hello! I went and got a second MVD. I started to feel the aching in my upper gums, now I’m doing my best to not panic. I remember KC saying it took her mouth/face a year to calm down. Please tell me I might still be ok?

This MVD they moved a vein, padded the cerebellum and also did a small cut on the nerve. I have not felt shock pains again. It is the aching that is scaring me. Will this whole thing fall apart?

I did get remission - but it wasn't till 6 months and then some - after --- I used lidocaine patches all the time

Yes It can take a year - I also got on low dose trileptal for a 4 month period.

It slowlyyyy went away

at about 4 years now - doing good!

Don't fret - because stress aggravates it : )

See your doctor if you need help until more healing comes your way.


Reminding myself to not stress… Yup, I have problems with that!