Mvd 1/22/13

I had MVD done in January, my pain returned in July after a heart procedure. I have never gotten off any meds. I am at witts end! I am on 600 mg tid of tegretol and tramadol 50 prn. I am taking the tramadol and a few hours later adding 600mg of advil. My Right ear is almost in constant pain and into my neck. I may need to have my MVD REPEATED which scares me because that was such a rough recovery! I cry, and get frustrated. God keeps me going! I pray that he removes my pain or sends me to someone that through them he will fix me!

I had a similar circumstance. After my surgeon ordered another MRI to be sure there were no new compressions, he suggested a PNS system. It is a nerve stimulator that consists of wires, and a battery , just under the skin. The wire send electrical impulses, that you control with a handheld device, to the nerve which turns off the pain impulse. I had mine installed in August, and it is working VERY well.
You might want to look into this procedure.
Please feel free to ask me any questions!

thank you Christina!!!

I am currently off all meds except a vitamin for nerve health. I am doing great!!