Muscle Twitching

Over the last few months I have had an increased amount of muscle twitching. It first started in my eyes but now I have it in my hands, arms and legs. I can feel some muscle or another twitching throughout the day. Has anyone else had these problems along with their TN? I included a video of my thumb going crazy one day!

Yep, i have twitching in my hands and in the muscle under my eye (on the TN side). Mine started after i began taking carbamazepine and gabapentin..not sure which one is actually causing it, but it's med related for me. In the mornings, my hands twitch so much that i have to be very careful holding my coffee cup. Also, typing is dreadful now...i backspace as much as i go forward. lol

Its not bad enough that we're all in pain, we have to look like spazzes too!


I have muscle twitching in my face from TN. There have been certain medications that have given me muscle twitching in my arms and legs. One of my medications now gives involentary movement in arms and legs. It’s a bit odd and surreal, especially when I’m starting to fall asleep and my leg will just jump on its own, like some alien was try to gain control over my body. Check side effects of the medications your taking, and if it is becoming a huge bother check with your doctor. Hope this helps you a little and have a pain free day.

Yes I have muscle twitching too and also hemifacial spasm which is a problem of the seventh nerve. Sometimes I know the hemifacial spasm is going to happen because my toes will tingle, but often I don’t get a warning. I also have my feet which spasm and pull inward.

At one point I got sever myoclonic jerking and had to competently come off one of my meds, cymbalta, as it was giving me serotonin toxicity.

If you have any big spasms in your face, not just twitching, especially around the eye or lips, record them as well and show to your neurologist.