So I’ve always been told by my doctors that “something else is definitely going on”. Lately been having nerve issues and weakness in my legs, fatigue, and ongoing issues in my arms. PCP told me it could be ms. I see him next week, asking for a head scan and a referral to a specialist. Any advice

I won't insult you by saying that it will all be OK, although it probably will be. I have several of your issues too, but don't have MS. I stand to be corrected, but if I remember correctly only about 5% of TN sufferers are MS related. Fingers crossed your issues can be treated. Keep us informed please ?

I hope so. This is all just the tip of the iceberg. I have heart and orthopedic issues as well. I hope I can get some answers sooner rather than later.

It's possible that you may have MS, but not inevitable. Properly conducted medical imaging can provide indicators of plaques on the nerves if there are any. But beyond that, other issues may need to be investigated. Among those are "chronic fatigue syndrome", lupus and sub-cutaceous lyme disease. You may also need workup for endocrine problems (thyroid, pituitary).

Best to work with a neurologist who treats MS and related disorders.

Go in Peace and Power


Saw my PCP yesterday. He is sending me to a neurologist who specializes in ms and in the diagnosis of complex neurological problems. He said this guy is the best he knows. I am also being sent to an ophthalmologist for their opinion on some issues I’m having with my eyes. Have a hearing test tomorrow to rule out ear issues as a cause for my balance problems.

Good luck. Hope your specialists find answers. More importantly, answers with treatments or cures.

Jamie, my eye issues are weird. It’s like my vision gets blurry for a few seconds and goes away. I’m also getting the same feeling in had when I was on nucynta. Mr dr called them focal seizures. It’s like my vision cuts out, I can hear, but have no visual recollection.

Hey sorry to hear you might have some extra stress with this last visit. My neurologist got me on a methyprednisolone pack for a few days. It really helped overall. Im not trying to sound like a doctor, but my TN was brought on by trauma as we have discussed and since MS is a nerve tumor ailment I believe the symptoms overlap sometimes as I am always EXTREMELY exhausted. My nerve just cannot cope with all the sensory bombardment and maybe as my nerve was trying to regenerate, I definitely lost a lot of my myelin sheaf. These signals get back to the brain at different times and overall, the brain gets confused I think. If your diagnosis comes back as you having MS try not to stress! there are treatments available including this new experimental one.