Mri scan showing enlarged lymph node in neck

Hi everyone I had an mri with contrast which showed no compressions or lesions but the scan picked up that a node in my neck called the jugulodgistraric lymph node was quite enlarged measuring 36mm×70mm and my neuro has requested my doctor refer me to ent surgeon in the first instance. I’m wondering g could this possibly be causing my tn symptoms it’s the right lymph node and my tn symptoms are on that side to. I’ve researched it and an enlarged jugulodgistraric node can mimic tn symptoms…food for thought…anyone any info or ideas? Also been referred to neurosurgeon so hopefully all bases covered.

Just seen this Bubble…very interesting indeed…so now do you wait for ENT appointment? Would that enlarged node cause the nasal pain?Im waiting for another appointment at the Eastmans to come through.Hugs!

Please do make sure to let us know

I would love to know because I can feel the lymph node on the back of my neck is enlarged. I pointed it out to my doctor and was told not to worry about it. I am waiting on the results of my MRIs and I think they will find the same or atleast explain why is rock hard and the size of a rounded nickle. I would appreciate to be kept in this loop as well. Good luck.

Hi everyone I’m still waiting for an appointment to come through from ent. Eileen I thought it maybe contributing to my sinus issues…will have to see! I’ll keep you all informed xx