MRI results and I'm confused!

So I had an MRI the other day after a diagnosis of TN. Today I get a letter in the mail that states: "The MRI did not demonstrate a tumor or other abnormality in your brain or the nerves that lead out of the brain. However, the scan did show an anatomical variation in the location or appearance of your cerebellum."

And that's all it says?? So what the heck does that mean?? Could this mean I have issues with the blood vessels such as the SCA coming out of the cerebellum that's causing the TN?? Has anyone had these same results?? What does it mean???

Mine was exactly the same. It was something with my blood vessels in the top of my head I think. They said it didn't make any difference but I guess I'm not sure if it did or not - that was Bismarck ND that said that and my neurosurgeon that just did my MVD did not comment on that part of it. He did tell me no compressions were visible on my MRI but I had several from scar tissue (not sure what it was caused by??) and a vein which doesn't show on an MRI.

Deej, I also had mine done in Bismarck, ND at St. Alexis. And my PCP is an idiot. LOL Flat out told me I need to be seeing someone smarter than him. LOL So my first neurology apt is out at the Ft. Meade VA Clinic in Sturgis on Monday. Its killing me to have to wait that long to get all my questions hopefully answered. I feel like I am getting the run around. I'm worried now that something other than the TN is wrong. Some say the cause is always identifiable on MRI an others say its frequent than an MRI does not show a cause for the TN. I'm so worried that I am gonna get screwed in all this and no one is going to continue to try an help me because nothing showed up on the MRI.

Hi Maudie,
Please read this link where I replied to another member regarding a similar theme.

Diagnosis for TN is mainly based on your description of symptoms as well as your positive reaction to an anticonvulsant medication.

There is no known cause just suspected causes for TN other than those listed in the link above.

The priority when diagnosed with TN is pain management.
Doctors need to rule out ms, tumours etc before they can call it TN.
You need to find ( if you don’t already have one) a neurologist that has experience with TN and or a doctor who is willing to learn.

I know it’s all overwhelming but at your neuro visit on Monday, just explain exactly how you feel the pain, where, what triggers it and how often. If you’re not taking anything for the pain yet ask his/her opinion on what you can try, emphasize the severity of the pain.

Thinking of you, hope you have a successful visit on Monday!
(( hugs )) Mimi

my nerologist and nerosugeon were both supposed it showed on mine. the surgeon said most times he finds small tumors on the nerve also, and the mri is more to rule things out.

Just wanted to give a quick update. Had the neurologist apt today and she really helped a lot. In addition to the trigeminal neuralgia, I also have a Chiari Malformation. Basically its a birth defect in my case that allowed the cerbebellum part of my brain to slip down a little and puts pressure on my spinal cord and brain stem. This is an additional cause of the severe and debilitating headaches I get on top of the headaches I get from the trigeminal neuralgia. I do have an open SSDI case, so I guess I need to call them with the new additional diagnosis. We are going to be upping the Tegertol and she also added a pain reliever/anti-depressant called Effexor. She is recommending MVD as I have the TN in all 3 branches. The headaches from the CM will never go away...and it certainly does explain some of the other weird things that go on with my brain and body. She said its likely going to take several months to get the right combo of meds to treat both the TN and the CM simultaneously. Will be having an angiogram (I think that's what she called it) in a few weeks to se if the TN is cased by some blood vessels or arteries in that area. From there it will be on to the neurosurgeon. I have asked to go to the Shands Hospital in Gainesvill, FL if I opt for the surgery. Its part of the University of Florida and is an excellent teaching hospital. If anyone would like more info on the Chiari malformation, I would be happy to share what I have now learned.