Movie "Cake"

I know there's a BookClub (a bit inactive though grrr ;-) and this is a movie, not a book, so I had nowhere to post this except as a 'blog.'

Anyway- I watched the movie "Cake" staring Jennifer Anisten, in an Oscar worthy performance in my opinion. It's a drama about a woman in Chronic Pain. She doesn't have TN, but the nuances of the pain she has in the movie was 100% relatable. I recommend anyone who is in need of some sense of empathy or emotional outlet to watch this movie. It's on Netflix.

Hunkering down on a cold windy day. Sounds good to me. Thank you!

Absolutely! I hope you enjoy it!

I plan on watching it. I could use an emotional outlet right now. Thanks.

Hi Skippy,

It is definitely emotional...but in a good, relatable way. There is a lack of "chronic pain" stories in most aspects of literature, media, etc. To have an actual movie based solely on the subject is unheard of! Even though millions of people suffer from all types of Chronic Pain in the US, it's just not a target genre in Hollywood. There's all kinds of "mental heath" subjects in movies, but rarely Chronic Pain.

Let me know what you thought of it. I loved the ending.