Mother-of-two jumped to her death from top of car park after suffering years of agonising pain in her face caused by toothache

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This is so upsetting, I just cannot imagine how and why the UK's health service has let this happen. It is unbelievably shocking, I am lost for words, this poor lady and her family.


The UK NHS service needs to changed, I too am finding it near impossible to get the care and support I need................... where is the duty of care ?

I just dont understand how we can be left alone in so much pain.

Absolutely tragic, but unfortunately doctors can't make people go for treatment. I'm not sure her life would have been any better if they'd sectioned her, and that would have been the only way to make her turn up. She was being treated for her condition and getting to see a psychologist, but she was refusing appointments. Not a lot anyone can do there....