Morphine dosages?

I am currently waiting to see a neurosurgeon to look at surgical options. Could not tolerate the anti-seizures. July-Oct had taken Percocet then Dilaudid for pain but Dr changed me to Morphine as they weren't effective. So far the Morphine has been good but the Dr gives me minimal as he is always on about it being addictive. So I find myself living in pain and rationing out these pain meds. I currently take 1-3 5mg per day which only takes care of about an 8 hour window. My neurologist suggested that this was a very small dosage. I am going to ask to up my dosage to 6 per day so I'm not living in constant attack. I have left side TN ATN and Migraine. Just wondering if anyone is using Morphine with success and what dosages are working or any suggestions.

I've talked with a number of our members who have successfully used Morphine. However, you need to be advised that there are issues other than addiction that need to be managed. Specifically, patients who have used Morphine for months frequently find themselves needing higher doses to obtain the same pain relief. And some will suffer with what are called "rebound" headaches or "rebound pain", when the opioid reaches a saturation level in the nervous system. I also wonder what migraine-specific meds you may be on.

Suggest you run a search on "Morphine" in the search window at top right on our pages, and see what you turn up in the way of both successes and issues of concern.

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