Month 5.25 MVD Brain Surgery Update: Weirdness Prevails!

Details up on my caringbridge site -->

Apologies for the pause, but time just sped up on me. I am doing well, still lingering issues unfortunately, but much much better than before the MVD/Injection

Be Well and Be Strong!
Albee, TN Survivor

Thanks, that was a good read. Very detailed and honest account…. What always strikes me how the psychological battle is just as tough, if not worse than the physical. Sounds like you are moving forward and I hope to do the same someday as well…

Seem like most here get the bugs crawling, buring, and little tics and twinges. I hope as you heal those diminish. I get them all the time and they drive me mad. Granted it’s not as bad as the pain that can be present, but odd sensations on the face are all unwelcome!

Wow! I think the mindfulness piece, when you start will make a big difference…many here could use a report on how that goes…being hyper aware of all those funky sensations could greatly be reduced…

.you really have a good toolbox started…keep on top of the blues…and remember
You have one of USAs premier surgeons in your pocket!