Migraines and TN

Just seen a neurologist for the first time. He concurred that I have TN in the jaw area but didn't seem to think it could affect the upper eye, temple areas. He thinks that I have migraines as well. Anyone else experience this or have a similar diagnosis. He didn't have any suggestions for this migraine except he wants me to buy a book on headaches. Any suggestions?

lots of folks have tn and migraines.. migraines are a lot different from tn pain, and yes, I have heard lots of tn folks saying that they have eye pain that is due to the tn alone. I haven't heard specifically the upper eye area or the temple area, but my bet is on that it is due to TN and, you need to trust your gut, but if it were me, and a neurologist said that to me, I would get another neurologist, but I am picky. Good luck to you!!!

Get another opinion. My TN started as shocks in my temple and I do not have migraines. Find a Dr that treats a lot of TN. Ask his nurse- If they don't know what tn is try another Dr. This site has a list of DRs. If there is not one in your area, maybe they can recommend one who up on the latest news about TN. I went to urgent care at a teaching hospital and a intern was called in with my permission to examine me. He said TN because of the symptoms. No fncy tests- he asked questions and listened to me. Be your own advocate. Don't let them brush you off. The first neurologist was a jerk, treated me like a hysterical women with imaginary symptoms. I have now had the same DR for years because he listens and kept trying different ways until we hit a combination that works for me. All the best luck to you. Let us know how you are faring. This group is here for you.

Hi I have TN and my right eye hurts most of the time along with pain in the temples then shooting to my cheek, my jaw also hurts along with bad headaches. The pain is so bad in all areas. Saw my neurologist today he says that the nerve branches out to all those areas. He also agreed that I can’t keep living like this and is referring me to a neuro surgeon to have a nerve block. It has been suggested to me not to have one. Hope this finds you pain free

Hi again. Lets go out on a very far limb here and say, perhaps , your neurologist is correct and your temple pain and upper eye pain is because of migraines and not tn... His suggestion for migraines.......read a book????? I mean, that's why insurance pays him lots of money, so you don't have to read a book. There is Topamax for migraines, stress reduction techniques, etc, etc...Trust your gut, you will have to in this long term TN journey...

Get a second opinion from someone who regularly treats at least ten TN patients per month. I think the present neurologist knows very little about either TN or migraine. You could be tried on preventative medications for either or both disorders. But the idea that pain in the eye or eyebrow somehow can't be TN is outright ridiculous. The three branches of the trigeminal nerves serve the two sides of the face from the midline just behind the ear, all the way down to the jaw line. TN patients can present with pain in any or even all of these three.

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So because TN specifically TN type II affects the ophthalmic nerve, maxillary nerve, and the mandibular nerve it quite literally can give you symptoms anywhere located on your head. Nerves signals radiate pain so if the nerve in or around your cheek is problematic you could feel it in your eye. Mine is most irritating in the temple and eye area as well. Constantly have the feeling of wanting to rub my eyes. This is a really, really, crappy disease to have. After five long years of this mess I'm going in for gamma/cyber knife to create a lesion so the pain theoretically can't pass. The thought of my last good day is long passed. I hope this helped.

I have officially been diagnosed with ATN and Migraine. My pain started over my left eyebrow, and has never left. I was dismissed as being just a migraine patient, even though I had never had a migraine in my life. I have tried every drug under the sun to manage my pain. It is a daily struggle. Percocet and Tramadol have become my lifeline. No migraine preventative drugs help. Keeping a long story short, what my current doctors have conferred, is that I have consistent ATN pain (5-8 range) over my eyes and bridge of my nose, but I crisis every so often. When the crisis pain hits, my pain goes to a 9-10 and will not go down without IV drugs. The IV drug that helps me the most is DHE, which is a migraine drug. Almost every time that I get sick, I end up in the ER, clinic or hospital.

Good luck to you. Everyone above is correct. Find the right doctor. It makes all of the difference in the world. To know that someone believes you and really wants to help you (despite the fact TN is almost impossible to treat), makes my daily struggle more manageable. Love to you.