Microvascular Decompression Surgery

I went through MVD on July 21 which lasted 4 hours. The doctor found two arteries resting on the trigeminal nerve and a vein next to it. He carterized the vein and placed 3 pads under the arteries. While in the hospital I had a powerful headache and still experienced twinges, especially when eating. I received percocet (which never touched the headache pain) and continued on neurontin. The doctor said it was normal for me to feel the twinges as the trigeminal nerve was still inflamed. I was released from the hospital two days later and went home to recuperate.

I still have the headache (not as bad as before, now am taking Advil which helps a lot); the surgery site is very tender and sore. For 4 days after the surgery, I was feeling twinges, mostly when I ate, but nothing like before the surgery. Then, on the 5th day, I didn't have any twinges at all! Still had the headache, was getting dizzy and began having a ear ache - that's the only way I can describe it -- an aching deep inside my ear. Faithfully continued with 300 mg of neurontin 3 times a day.

Last night, went to bed and was watching the news and because I still had a headache and did not take any Advil during the day, I decided to take 2 around 11:15. As soon as the water (room temperature) pass through the left side of my mouth, I had a burning/aching pain on the left side of my temple. This lasted 20-25 minutes and I was so fearful that the surgery failed. Finally the pain subsided and now I just have an ache above my left ear.

A little history: I was diagnosed in September, 2010 after 3 dental experts missed the diagnosis completely - even had a molar on the top left extracted because a periodontist thought the root was cracked. Took tegretol for 8 months and it worked fine - until I chewed gum! Then no matter how much I increased the tegretol, it never touched the pain. Went on neruontin but it never touched the pain. Finally in June of this year, I decided to have a glycerol injection (June 28) and this procedure failed. That's when I scheduled the MVD, as the pain was excruciating and really affecting my life - I lost 9 pounds, couldn't talk or eat without the pain (on a scale of 8-9).

That's my story.

Does anyone have an opinion or experience like mine? I'd love to hear from you.


Paula, thanks for your blog. I am having surgery this Friday and reading your story gives me an insight into what I might expect post -op. I don’t like surprises so all the information I can get is helpful. Bless you, hope you are travelling well. Margot

Hi Emily,

I am so glad my comments helped you -- I have felt very well in the last few days; an occasional twinge or ache in the side of my head, and of course, the surgery site is still tender (wearing glasses doesn't help). I hope your surgery goes well - and you feel relief from the TN pain -- I will be thinking of you and certainly praying for you. Let me know how it goes when you are able.

Hugs and blessings,