Methodone Dose Lowered Immediately By Mistake-Urgent, Please Help!

Hello all. I've been away for some time dealing with family health problems and other issues. I desperately need help with this matter, so I'm sincerely hoping someone can advise me what to do.

I take 40 mg Methadone and 60 mg immediate release MS Contin per day (along with Tegretol and Ibuprofen 800 mg.) Due to all the issues in my life lately there were some days when I would only take 3 Methadone instead of 4, since my docs at the pain clinic never explained I could take the dose less than 8 hours apart if necessary. The pain clinic is moving locations, so I had a quick appointment to turn in my extras and then get a new script. I counted out how many extras I had based on the date on the bottle- completing forgetting I had not picked up that script until 6 days later since my Grandfather was in the hospital. As such I am now very short on Methadone and the pain clinic is not set to open until Jan. 2. I figured the only way I could make what I had left stretch was to go down from 4 (or at times 3 a day) to 2 10 mg Methadone a day. I was mostly okay with this yesterday- a bit irritable, achy and my stomach was bothering me, but it wasn't too bad. I woke up at 4am in the worst pain and sense of misery. I took a third dose of Methdone, which I had to do to feel better, but as such have now realized I can't make it on 2 a day and I have no idea what to do!! I have an agreement with my pain clinic that I will only get my medication through them, so I cannot go to my main doctor for a bridge. I have no idea if the pain clinic will bridge me when I call on Jan. 2 to explain. Seeing as how they just took my word for how many extras I had, and I returned a lot, I don't think they're still operating under the delusion that I am selling any of them. I've heard withdraw from Methodone is hell, but I was truly hoping just lowering my dose by 10 mg for the next 10 days would be possible (in case the pain clinic would not bridge me, this is when my script will be filled.)

This morning I still don't feel right, but I don't feel as hellish as I did at 4am. It scares me that this one med has such a profound effect on my pain levels and ability to function. I'm worried, I hope that the pain clinic will bridge me when I tell them that I gave them way too many back, since they assume everyone who goes there is dealing until proven otherwise. Have any of you had to deal with an abrupt change in your Methadone? What helped? I'm scared and miserable. I keep berating myself for making a huge mistake with my medications, when I usually keep track of everything, but as I said, it's been a rough month. Any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks so much. Happy New Year everyone! I hope next year will be better than this one has been.