Merry Chrismukahh to all & screw the ER

What started out as a nice evening at the in laws turned into guess what?

No pains for 6 days, longest run yet. In laws asked about TN so I told them. My husband heard me from another room and said to himself “oh no, she will get them tonight”. Sure enough packing up the car and zam! Drove by hospital to check waiting room, no one else in it good. Dr. Eventually saw me basically told me ok to go against neurologist orders and take my HYDROCODONE even though it was in the group of meds I was told to stop until satisfactory diagnosis on my spots was made. She happened to see me during no pain phase and then while waiting for discharge papers slammed again. Didn’t matter to them though because my discharge papers had already been drawn up. So that’s it. No more ER for me. I’ll go back when they pull me from the river.

Happy Holidays to all. (not really meant facetiously.)

Oh forgot, doctor under her breath said “TN doesn’t usually present like this” referring to my not having triggers.

Merry Christmas Phoebe, Hope its stays away long enough for you to enjoy the remainder of Christmas. (spots! i must have missed that post) xxxx

Tell us about the "spots", Phoebe.

and Go in Peace and Power


Phoebe, you are not alone. I had not had a full on flare in over 2 weeks. Started to get one the 17th but the Chiro stopped it in its tracks. Here I sit, in horrible pain. Gonna print out that paper while I am still lucid as I may need the ER before this evening is over. I hate that I seem to be ruining everyone's day :(. Mom stayed with me. Dad and my daughter went to my grandma's house.

Lisa, so sorry to hear that, hope it subsides soon x

Thank you elstep. I spent the day drugged, cuddled next to my mom watching hallmark movies (I hate that station, but nothing else was on) and then went to bed. Slept until 11:30 am, so I am guessing the drugs made me do it, because I don't do that either.

glad to hear you were able to sleep. hope the worse is over with.