Mental nerve severed

Well after many years of trying to get all my medical records from The Massachusetts General Hosp yesterday. Here is where my frustration lies; I was a victim of a home invasion back in August 2004, I had my mandible shattered and they Maxio Dr put in two plates in my jaw, well, a year later I was in excruciating pain from what we learned was an infection in my jaw from the plates; my second surgery they took them out. I have been in extreme pain since.. My op notes clearly state that my Left Mental Nerve was severed during surgery,. I went to this office every 10 days stating all the pain I was in and they kept saying that it was osteomyeletis (forgive the spelling) They never not once treated me or told me about the nerve being severed. I have been through nerve blocks, countless anti seizure meds, now Opiates for pain!!!! None work for me. My question is from what I am reading in "Striking Back" is that after approximately seven years "no treatment" will work for me, they go on to say that the first seven years are crucial for treatment to work.. What am I to do?? I have been in Flair up after Flair up for months now (no pain relief ever). I signed up here fro support and the next day I was in full blown AGONY and this morning is the first day I am not YET... It took all this time for them to release these records and now I feel more lost than before..


You asked for suggestions: I suggest that you may have somewhat misread the nuances from Striking Back. Seven years isn't magic. As I understand the issue, the chances of obtaining a successful MVD tend to drop off if pain is allowed to persist for seven years without remedy. The theory is that permanent changes may be set up by toxic byproducts of nerve pain. But no two patients are alike, and many factors play in your situation.

In any event, you might not be a good candidate for MVD due to the damage done by severing the Left Mental Nerve, especially if the pain you are now experiencing is in the area of distribution served by that nerve. The cause of your pain might not be vascular compression. Whether you are a candidate for RF Rhizotomy or Gamma Knife, I can't really say. I can only suggest that you be evaluated by a neurologist and/or maxillofacial pain specialist who has extensive experience working with patients who have facial neuropathy due to dental surgery.

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I posted a reply on the discussion “living with TN” about a patient of mine who’s C-5 nerve bundle was severed on one side at her spine. Her story is the exception but you should give it a read. Also, don’t ever give up. Your body hears every word you say…

If medication is no longer working for you, and you are not a candidate for MVD, you might want to look into a peripheral nerve stimulator to manage pain. The MVD I had on my right side, which had been affected for 10 years did relieve the shocks, but failed toe relieve the burning boring pain. My neurosurgeon suggested the PNS, and it has worked very well for me.There are not many surgeons who are using this for TN, but I am fortunate that my surgeon is a TN expert whose practice is focused on facial pain and all its treatments.
Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Thanks Christine. Will do as this is very new and I’m still forming my conceptions!