Meeting with surgeon for mvd...questions?

I have been suffering with tn for three years now and my neurologist finally asked me if I would like to look I to having an mvd or gamma knife done...we have decided that the mvd procedure is best at this time. I have been doing the drug therapy route an it seems every three to six month I have to ad a pill or increase the dose . The side effects are interfering with my life... . I work full time...or try to so I have never had surgery before I want to know what I should discuss with the neurosurgeon ...I know gk procedure has a faster recovery it outpatient but to my understanding it isn't effective immediately less percentage in pain relief and doesn't last as long. So because I wan to be med free as possible pain free as much and effective immediately (I understand healing from surgery) and I want it to last as long a possible since I am young with two kids we choose mvd ...I feel like I am b e ing selfish because I know the recovery rate is longer and more intense and that is time away from my babies and work but is mvd the better choice. I am going the to froedert medical school of Wisconsin they have a wonderful neurology department and there is a 4 hour travel for me but our local hospitals are not experienced with tn I guess I just need help on what to ask at my dr appt for the mvd since I think my stress caught up and my mind goes blank

The medical school -- is there a TOP TN surgeon for MVD? Hundreds or thousands of them done by whomever will be doing it to your head? Why did you pick going there?

These are my first questions - because I did not want to end up in the hands of a resident doc -- I went to Dr. Ken Casey, in Michigan -- Flew there from Missouri, because he is the top guy.

There are a few that are recommended here- I read his book. "Striking Back" by Dr. Ken Casey...... wrote the book and wrote my MVD!

You have done a brave thing!

- in the big scope of things -

you getting MVD within first few years, being young, are a great combo

----- the last combo to the key is the surgeon --- to keep you at the luck of 95+ % success.

You are not being selfish, just make sure and find the numbers odds of that university for TN -- not just neurology. THEN when you have the best you can get --- you have questions to ask! Write them down! : )

MVD 2 years and now painless.

Tis possible. If I would have gone to the one within an hour or two of home -- would not have be sitting here helping you. Would only be able to tell you what not to try : )

I couldnt agree more with KC...Go wherever you have to go to get the very best most experienced TN surgeon. I had mine done by DR Kenning in Philadelphia, who trained directly under Dr Janetta the inventor of MVD, and I also have been pain free for 30 yrs. The success rate is high and certainly increases with the quality of the surgeon. I was also young , age 33, when I got my surgery so recovery was relatively easy and I have been blessed to live a full pain free life since.A couple of weeks recovery is well worth being rid of MVD and giving your kids their whole mom back. Good luck

i vote for the mvd, but make sure the person has done many of them.