Medical tourism in India

Hi everyone,

I recently started getting attacks from my TN and I have been in the worst mood...ever. I was on 200 mg of Tegretol for about 4 months and like many others, it has stopped working.

I' m considering getting MVD done, but the doctors here in Canada have told me one after the other that Tegretol is the best way to go :/

Sure it is...

So i'm looking at doing the surgery in India. i've read many articles where the cost is low and the country is known for their great healthcare to tourists.

What do you guys think? Is it a good idea? Will this surgery finally be a long term solution to my TN?


There is no definitive procedure for TN. There is no definitive cure, unfortunately. My MVD failed after 18 months. It was performed by a well known neurosurgeon, here in the Boston area. Had gamma knife, so far so good and stll on oxacarbazepine. Just stating facts that I have learned and certainly do not want to discourage you. Do all your research and decide on what is best for you. My very best wishes.


Hi everyone,

Med management is typically the safest way to go...the other options would be gamma or balloon compression. MVD has been most effective, yet it is ripe with complications for some. Perhaps, a med review with an additional med is in order. Please, find a doctor that will listen to you and give you a comprehensive evaluation Knowledge is power, take it slow,

My coworker is from India and I asked her about the quality of health care there. She said that she would not get anything major like surgery done there under any circumstances because the doctors and hospitals are inferior to Canada. I was surprised because like you, I had heard that they were quite good. Also, you should consider that it would be difficult to follow-up with your surgeon.

I will tell you that my experience with 600mg of Tegretol daily has significantly contributed to cognitive issues. It probably helps my pain when coupled with Gabapentin, etc., but I believe the side effects are far worse than having the surgery. Just my opinion. What about the brain stimulator from St Jude Medical. I have a battery implant in my chest and then leads in my head to help with the pain. However, it is not a cure. It merely assists with pain. The surgery may end the pain for you!

There are many questionable medical centers performing questionable treatments in India. Healthcare is not as highly regulated as it is in the US. If it sounds to good to be true, it is.

I am from India. My MVD cure my electric shock like pain. Here you have to surch a good doctor and nursing care is depends upon your choices.
My experience says your medicine management wants some more med. If your TN is light please don’t go for mvd.

I have been to India three times for a month each visit. On my first visit there I accompanied a friend who injured her knee in a severe fall to the ER. One of the big problems was that none of the nursing staff spoke English. Even asking for a bedpan was difficult. She was there for hours and hours, finally discharged with five different medications, but the instructions, both verbal and written, were in Hindi. Made it very difficult to understand which drug was for what problem and when to take them. We eventually found someone in our hostel that could speak both languages and translated them. I would not suggest having surgery there for that and several other reasons.