Medical Marijuana

I am hesitant to post this question because I do not want to appear that I am drug seeking, but I am wondering if anyone is finding relief using medical marijuana? My Mom lives in a state where medical marijuana is legal, but her neurologist specifically stated that he would not consider prescribing medical marijuana to anyone.

Two of my past neurologists have recommended it. Some people find it very helpful. It's worth a try to see if it might be helpful to you too. Anything for relief. Sending good energy your way.

I'm in New Zealand and I would if I could but from what I've read it would cost me $16,000 a year here.

I say GO FOR IT if its legal, get it. You're so lucky.

She needs to get another doctor to prescribe

so she can find out if it will help her. Search in this site and you will see many posts regarding this!

Her current neurologist is not in pain that she has! They cannot understand!

I use MM.I use an olive oil at night along with a small piece of chocolate.I have not had success with vaping.But the oil and chocolate help me sleep.I am also now just trying to eat the weed I have in little tip of the baby finger size amounts.Seems to help a it-at least I am trying.
The cbd stuff did nothing for my mouth(good for my back) .I think for nerve issues it is higher strength THC that is wanted.
My suggestion is to try a few different strains.
Good luck.