Medical Marijuana

Okay, is anyone trying medicL marijuana and if so, what type and results? Thanks much for sharing

So sorry you have to be here, but glad you found this site, everyone here are caring, helpful and so very supportive.We are all so different as far as what what works for one or some don't necessary for someone else. I can just give you my take on it.I looked at your page for a minute and noticed you mentioned being on pain meds. You have to being very, which I am sure you know for a few reasons, but having said that, I do know that some tn patients are greatly helped my mm salves, cookies, smoking, etc. there are many strains for nerve pain. My brain is like mush anymore due to Constance pain, depression, anixety, and stress it helps with the stress last two.Then I found something called grape ape. I believe it helped ease the pain for a little while. I decided to try awhole different route now. Wishing you find pain relics very soon.SOFT HUGS!!!!! dawn

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Smoke 'em if ya got 'em.I've never heard of it hurting anyone.Although here in Texas it's quite illegal which could cause some definate pain.

Hi, it’s legal for medical use in Arizona. I’m trying to get some feed back to see if anyone has first hand experience with it. What I have read about it, is that it’s hit or miss. I have also heard that some particular strains of med marijuana are more effective than others. I would try it myself but it cost &300 for the card and another $150 for the doctor. Then, of course, the cost of the weed itself.

Wow, that is expensive! I had NO idea!

Problem with TN - for anything we do, take, surgeries - we have to be our own detectives..... research papers that specifically have to do with Nerve Pain and Medical Marijuana.....would help you hone in in the type of strain that would be the best for you.

If you didn't see enough postings that helped in that link of 49 responses....there are a few in this post....

Also put it in the search box, pot, marijuana etc.

Here is the topical ointment etc posting - may have some pot salve in these threads:

Not everybody who is getting relief from the weed - do not feel they can come here to the world and say it..... I used it, but mine wasn't labeled on what strain because not sold here -- so, it helped take the edge off , as for most -- not a cure, but a help with the stress sometimes, because stress makes TN worse!!!!

Many who used to post on it are not here on this site anymore.

Have you tried the topical solutions of lidocaine?

Are you a candidate for MVD?

I am actually going to get my medical marijuana card tomorrow. I have atypical trigerminal neuralgia. I tried some of my friend's medical marijuana and it actually helped SIGNIFICANTLY. I think it's hit or miss. It helps take the edge off the pain without too many side effects long term.

Hi, thx for the feedback. By chance, do you recall the name if the strain you used?

Yes, one was called "pineapple kush/Diesel" and there were a couple of more "peppy" ones that ALSO worked but I can't recall the exact name.

By the way, i also live in AZ. I tried several different types and all had some sort of success but I can't remember specific strains at this time. I'll update later if I can find anything that is specifically better than others. If anything, it helped relieve the stress or at least distracted me from focusing on the pain so much so I could enjoy other things. It wasn't something I'd do if I was trying to get any real work done, but it helped me a lot on the nights where I was in so much pain I couldn't move my head out of fear of making it worse. I used to take Xanax instead which helped, but pot helped me more in a less severely psychologically dependent way. Xanax is way more addictive with much worse withdrawal symptoms.

Thanks much!

Yes, and I am also searching results to make a case in Canada for the application for its use.

I have found that the relaxing of the body lessens the pain and shortens the episodes.

I live in a state where M is illegal. But I have tried it recently to help relieve the pain when I just can’t take it any longer. But after two years now I will have my first appointment with a pain management Dr. Now I am afraid they will do a drug test and think I’m a drug seeker. I’d rather not smoke the stuff if I don’t have to. What should I do???

In Canada we have to jump through hoops as if the world is coming to an end... Doctors refuse to do anything as CMA has stated that this is not a good course of medication. They do however push ( no pun intended) Cesamet is a man-made form of cannabis. Have not tried it yet as it more expensive then the street alternative.

I have found generally when an attach happens the use of the street variety helps greatly in taking the extreme edge off the pain , you relax better.

All we want is the freedom to make a choice.

I wouldn't worry about the drug test if I were you. Have you looked around a neurologist's office? I mean, everybody there is on LOADS of medication. And pot is the least of it. Also, I've found that neurologists are very open-minded about things like med. marijuana.

me said:

I live in a state where M is illegal. But I have tried it recently to help relieve the pain when I just can't take it any longer. But after two years now I will have my first appointment with a pain management Dr. Now I am afraid they will do a drug test and think I'm a drug seeker. I'd rather not smoke the stuff if I don't have to. What should I do???

Hi there-

I am currently using mmj (as it's called here in WA state). I found a knowledgeable dispensary that recommended a few strains. I didn't want to "get high"; just relieve the pain without some of the nasty side effects from all the drugs I tried.

The higher CDB formula of Harlequin is what I've found provides the most relief. It has a more Sativa which is energizing and I don't have a buzz. More importantly, the pain is diminished. Not totally gone, but a whole lot better.