Living With Facial Pain

Medical Marijuana


Hi All, I just want to ask if anyone ever tried using medical cannabis as an alternative meds? I suffer from a motor cycle accident and had a broken tibial plateau. I under go 2 surgery, first was bone grafting, they get some bones on my hip and put it on the crushed part of my tibial.Then they put some titanuim plating on my broken bone. I had to indure 6 months of pain and anxiety. So I started reading articles about medical marijuana and how it can help you in terms of chronic pain Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks


Normal, I was just given the cannabinoids by my daughter and plan to start using it. I will see how it works and will let you know. It would be nice not taking so much tegretol. Hope you will have more positive replys Good luck


Sorry I misspelled your name. My computer keeps incorrectly writing it.


Yes, let us all know, please! I could stand getting rid of some of these tegretols myself.