Medical marijuana strands for TN and migraines

With SO many options, I’m having a hard time figuring out which tincture will be best for TN and migraines. Does anyone have one that works really well for you?

hi there,

If you are going with tinctures there are generally two options. The ones with high CBD and the ones with high THC. I would try with a high CBD one, (But make sure there is some THC there as well, if its pure CBD i heard it will not be as effective). If the high CBD tincture doesnt work then try the ones with a higher THC content.

The reason why i would stick with the high CBD one is that they dont get you "high" so you can live your life and not be stoned. And CBD is supposed to be effective against pain.

Having said that I tried it without much success. But good luck and make sure you know how to use a tincture. Some people wet a paper towel with the tincture and put it in their mouth. you are suppose to allow it to be absorbed in your mouth rather than swallowing it.


I am trying this right now. I have a tincture called Ruby Slippers. it is a high CBD strain, and is inactivated as I do NOT want to feel high.

I put it under my tongue but so far have had no relief. I don't think I am using enough though, I am just putting a few drops. I cannot find anywhere that says dosage and even though it is legal in my state, the people who sell it at the dispensary are not helpful with dosing, they just say to "experiment."

from my experience there is a synergistic relationship between THC and CBD, and so if you are going with zero THC it may not be doing that much good. You could try a low THC version but if it has NO THC then it may not be effective.

I remember i tried an edible once that had a ratio of 1:1 (it was called veda chews I believe) and it was pretty good. You do get a bit stoned but you are still lucid and can do stuff. Not something to do while trying to do your taxes though.

I know there is a lot of hype about the magic of MJ, but it may not be the cure of everything as some people would like the rest of us to believe.

And the people in dispensaries are often clueless.


mine does have THC it is a 2:1 CBD/THC tincture. Maybe I am not taking enough???

by the way i heard from someone that smoking CBD oil is more effective than using the tinctures. I am thinking of getting some CBD vaping oil and smoking it.

Since this is legal in all states (i think) you can buy it online.

There is a website for an interesting product called juju joints and they have a cbd disposable vaporizer than you can order online. Its only 30$ and i think worth a try. I will try it for sure.

Also have you tried smoking high CBD strains like ACDC or Harlequin or Cattatonic ? i think they are definitley worth a try and they dont get you that high, just a little relaxed.


by the way, i tried smoking a high cbd strain (sour tsunami) And it definitely gave me some temp relief from my tn 2 and almost zero psychoactive properties. I think this is a good option for trying to fall sleep if your pain is keeping you up.

I will add more info to this thread as my experiments with cannabis progress :D


Some strains that have been effective with nerve pain, MS or seizures are charlottes web, Ak-47, ac/dc, Chemdawg. Those strains tend to cause less of an issue with sleepiness though Chemdawg might.

When sleepiness isn’t an issue:
Northern lights
Granddaddy purple
If it’s really bad pain and you can find them: willie’s wonder and herijuana are strong but effective

You can vape these and/or make edibles. You can aslo take CBD oil daily and use these in conjunction with it for pain.