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Medical marijuana for ATN in Ann Arbor area

Is there anyone in the area that hat ATN that uses medical marijuana? And if so, is there a certain combination/formula that you use that works. I have my medical card but just don’t know exactly what to buy. I am in so much pain. I actually live in Ohio but go to Ann Arbor. I have some edibles but I want something that is not going to make me sleepy but I can be functionable and that will control my pain. I am on opioids now and want to get off of them. I have been on them for 6 years and I just hate it, plus they don’t even really work. Any suggestions would help.

Hi Karen,

I have ATN and have found tricyclic antidepressants the most helpful. Have you tried any of those? Also about the medical marijuana I haven’t tried any myself but I remember watching a youtube video where a girl with has TN explores various types I think and does a little summary of the history of chronic pain and marijuana (link is below). I hope it will at least be helpful in some way. Have you also tried doing a search on this site to see if anyone else has any discussions about this? sending you healing thoughts xx hugs

I’ve had some success with marijuana, but I am currently unable to acquire any, and as such I am also on opioids. If only the laws would change…

But you can try the Charlotte’s Web cream, or you can try a transdermal marijuana patch to stay awake. I haven’t seen any research specifically for TN, but this is already being prescribed to people with epilepsy and fibromyalgia, which may be promising for us TNers because most of our current medicinal protocol is to try meds that work for conditions like those.

I am in terrible pain even with my opioids, and as such, I am planning on moving to an area where I can try these. Much easier said than done though…

Best of luck, AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, post on this website if you try anything that works or doesn’t work to let us know!

I use opioids and medical marijuana. I grow different strains every couple of years because I’ve found a change up with the recipe helps. I lost my job in December and have been enduring TN1 3 years this time. I had remission for 9 years. It is possible. This years Grow is mostly hybrids with a skunk strain as the primary. I buy from a Seedbank online and I look for medical strains that work with nerve pain. Sour Diesel is great for pain. When in the medical store, install Leafly on your phone and research the strains the store has. A knowledgeable bud tender or manager will help you too. I live in WASHINGTON. I haven’t found this to be a cure all but I’m not at all shy about saying what do you have to lose?
I’m actually hoping to go to OHSU in Oregon to see a specialist there. I’ve had two radiation treatments which has helped some but now I’m numb and hurt like crazy in my left ear, cheek and left eye. It’s been so bad my teeth and gums are on fire as well as half my tongue and nose. The pleasure I get from my garden helps me to concentrate on anything besides pain. Find a happy place and do what you have to do to stay there as long as you can. I’m grateful for this sight. Don’t be shy. Ask questions and pray.

Let me start by saying Tamzee’s video is terrific.
I have had TN for 8 years, with regular remissions. I have tried most everything for relief. Once you find something that gives you relief, You-Are-In-Control again. I have used street MJ in a vaporizer. Medical MJ is just too expensive for me. Because of the THC I do not drive when I use it. It helps for about 2 hours per use. My Neurologist suggested (hemp)CBD oil. I bought it on the web as a spray and had instant relief with no THC side effects. I spray it in my mouth on the side that is the source of pain. Great product. Also lasts for about 2 hours. Just knowing that you can stop it, puts you In- Control. Good Luck, never give up.

Contact the Face Pain Association in Gainesville, Fl and ask for the Winter, 2018 edition of the Journal of the FPA Assoc. Quarterly magazine, in which you will fins an article on medical marijuana for TN sufferers. I’m about to try it myself, snd I believe we should try CBD (cannibadiol), whuch has very little THC, the component that makes you high. Good luck (to both of us!).

I’ve been using Medical Marijuana for the last two years. I live in northern New Mexico a and the last time I tried to see a bud tender to see what might work best I had no luck. So through leafly and every bit of reading I could do I came up with a formula that works for me. When my area dispensary didn’t have the option of various waxes for vaping, I used primarily White Russian for smoking. It has a nice mix of heavy Indica and CBD ratio of approximately 2:1 It was great! But as it’s a small operation it only had that strain about 1/3 of the time then I was stuck with strains with no CBD. I tried Sativa’s which are not as sedating for days I was home but unbeknownst to me that strain activates my Bipolar mania. So when there’s no White Russian I other Heavy Indica’s which are more sedating for and Hybreds which are not as sedating. Finally our dispensary grew and included inexpensive vape options so I didn’t have to pay over $100 to get a reliable vape pen. Also the vape option through the O.pen vape has the option of a 50/50 CBD and Indica cartridge, and I can get a straight CBD cartridge and O.pen also offers a straight Indica or Sativa option. I now use the O.pen pretty much exclusively. I bought two batteries. I keep a straight CBD cartridge on one and an Indica cartridge on the other. I still use an approximate mix of 3:1 Indica to CBD formula. Vaping really has saved me money and is easier on my finances as smoking a lot of the marijuana goes up in smoke. So instead of spending several hundred dollars on Medical Marijuana I am spending one to one hundred and fifty a month. I’m a strong believer in having CBD mixed in my use. It really makes a BIG difference to me. CBD really seems to help quiet things down. Vaping is easier on my lungs than smoking. I don’t use many edibles though I know many people do. I find it harder to gage the dose, though I’m certain that if I were to use edibles I’d find a dosing regimen that works for me. I encourage you to use some CBD. The THC will help to ease the way your body perceived the pain but the CBD will help ease inflammation. I hope you’re luckier than I and you can find a truly knowledgeable bud tender with some medical knowledge to help you as you traverse your way through using medical marijuana.

I also just received a notification for an upcoming webinar through the Facial Pain Association on Medical Marijuana. Here is the registration site: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3612932925476171267

Good luck and blessings to you,

Try Charlotte Web Hemp (CBD) oil. This is very good brand. I am using it now and is has reduced 90% of my pain. I feel sure with a small increase,almost all my ATN pain will be gone. You can order it online or buy it at Earthfare health food store. It is legal. Some brand are scams with none or very little CBD. Charlotte Web Hemp Oil is a good or the best quality. I have already started reducing my Antiseizure medication which I hate the side effects. It also reduces anxiety.

I was having break through pain a lot before CBD but I was on a very low dose of gabapentin 200mg. Which was not working very much.

While visiting a legal state, I acquired a small amount of ‘Cheese’ marijuana and made my own MJ oil from it by chopping it fine and covering it with almond oil in a small jar with a lid. I placed it in a slow cooker with several inches of water and put the lid on the slow cooker. This I left for 2 days at the lowest heat, swirling the jar occasionally. Squeeze the oil out of the bud.
The very first time I tried this, I became TN pain free for a day. I used 2 to 3 droppersful (20 to 30 drops) of this in the morning and didn’t need any more til the next morning. Please don’t make this oil and just assume this dose is correct for you. Do your own testing. Worse case scenario; you’ll sleep well.
Needing to go visit again so I can make this again. Not very good at finding the illegal stuff where I live. :frowning:
This recipe made it affordable for me to try MJ for my TN pain without having to smoke it.
Wishing you all the best in pain control and healing.