Medical documentation for SSD

I'm getting ready to apply for SSD. I have all my medical records spanning 3 years. Needless to say I have nearly 500 pages of medical records.

My question is: What is the best way to present all the records to SSD? Should I put them all in a large 3 ring binder? Should I have each doctors separated and in separate binders? Or should I just have them in a 9 1/2 x 11 vanilla folder?

With 500 pages, you'll need them organized in folders, indexed, and possibly culled down to the most recent and focused documents, backed up by less recent and more general "commentary" type documents. Most important of all, the medical record should be topped by a doctor's finding that you are actually disabled, with a supported rationale for that finding.

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SS will not mind if the medical records are not complete? I was thinking of organizing the most focused documents of proof by category. I have 9 different (hopefully) qualifying conditions). Plus separately giving them the complete sets of medical records. I thought if I gave them all my medical records, it would expedite the processing of my claim. They won't have to request and wait for the medical records from over a dozen sources. But then I worry if I overwhelmed them, they might just throw it all in the trash. I didn't realize the extent of my journey the past 3 years. Not until I starting organizing everything for my claim.

The more they have to read, the more time they will take and the more likely it is that you'll get an automatic turn down on the first round (in some US States, over 50% of all first-round applicants get turned down due to backlogs on claims).. My instinct (and I'm not an expert on this) is that you may do better by starting with the focused letters of support from two or more physicians who have treated you for various conditions, with rationale for their findings. Include in this package a complete reference index of records which you can submit in support of the doctors' findings. However, before you submit anything, you need to talk with an SS representative (in person) about what they need and will accept, and whether my insight on volume is at all pertinent at the office where you will submit your application.

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I just applied and also had 3 yrs worth of records. I pared it down to what was important, stapled each dr's notes separately and added sticky notes on some. They said not to write on original copies. I put it all in a manilla envelope and mailed that part, just last week.I applied on-line, lots of tricky questions, so do your studying before. Today I received more paperwork, some repetitve, some not, alot about my last 15 jobs. Make sure you xerox everything. If you have to come back to something you've answered before it makes it a lot easier. Plus if I'm denied I have everything ready for my lawyer to appeal. The process has been exhausting for me. Good luck to us both.