Maybe something new

Has anyone recently had any Botox injections for facial nerve pain? I read some old posts but I was wondering if anyone has tried it more recently and if so, was it effective?

Recently tried it and no change

Hi MJ12, I had about 6 injections of Botox in my neck and shoulder over last year. I thought that was a good enough time frame to see if it helped. No improvements for me.
Just had second occipital nerve block. These help scull pain and some base of skill pain.
I was interested in more info on oregano oil but not good at navigating this new page.
Can this be appropriate to apply to gum pain? And how much. Funny, I have been drawn to the herb patch and eating it by the handful.
Hope I have sent this correctly.
Not much to loose by trying the Botox. Just be sure of side effects and discuss this beforehand. WW

Hi Warrior Woman,

Thank you for responding to me. I haven’t gone to the doctor yet. I’m waiting for insurance approval. I definitely will ask about side effects. I did look but I must have been looking wrong because I really didn’t see any side effects.

Right now I’m having so much pain so I’m try to look into different options

While you’re working with your insurance for botox you may want to consider trying lidocaine patch, it’s a topical anesthetic. You can get it OTC at 4% under the name SalonePas in the USA and Canada.

I just felt a bit worse till it settled down. But that was in a different area. Good luck. Anything is worth a try.

I am just reading a book called Medical Medium. It has an interesting chapter on Facial Pain.

I have been getting the botox injections since September, 2017. Yes, they work well. I actually get them for migraines, but since getting them, my tn pain has been greatly reduced as well.