Living With Facial Pain

May be dental afterall


Hi all. I thought I’d start a new topic, I have posted in the new members and have had so many helpful and caring responses. I have been experiencing jaw pain and a strange feeling in one of my back molars since this all started. My initial Diagnosis of TN seemed likely as the symptoms I experienced seemed to match up so closely. I’ve seen 2 doctors, a maxillofacial specialist & my dentist. All seemed to agree TN was going on. I am on Lyrica now and this seemed to help the shock like attacks. Except I have still had the sore aching jaw that is getting worse & DOES respond to Advil somewhat. Advil take the edge off but doesn’t completely take the pain away. I went back to my dentist today because this weird tooth sensation didn’t feel normal, TN or not. She did an x-ray and it shows an absess deep in the root of the tooth. She referred me to a endodontist and I will be going for a consult tomorrow. I feel relieved that this may just be my tooth that has caused this. I just can’t forget that first attack and the days before I started Lyrica. I have read of so many people going round in circles getting teeth out & root canals. I suppose if I have an abscess I need the treatment. Seems like odd symptoms for abscessed back molar but I’ve never experienced a bad tooth. All the nerves in the face are so connected. I have noticed a swollen node under my jaw in the last couple of days, so maybe due to the infection. I’ll update tomorrow. I have found this site so helpful, it goes to show that you have to advocate for yourself. And that doctors don’t know everything!!! I had a facial nerve pain specialist tell me he was certain it was TN and now my dentist is certain it is my molar. I really trust & think highly of both my dentist and doctor but only I know what is going on with my body. I am going to trust my gut and ask to see the x-rays of my tooth before anyone works on it. Many thank you’s to everyone on this site!!!


It’s not very often you’re told “Congratulations! It’s an abscess!” I certainly hope that it is the base of all your pain and clearing up the infection will clear up the pain. Keep us posted.


Me too Azurelle. I sure hope so. I thought I’d won the lottery when my dentist told me I may just have an abscess.


Glad to hear that you have something treatable, and I hope that a root canal can take care of that for you. Sometimes it is difficult to see an abscess on an Xray, and you may need to get a CBCT scan as well, plus there are other tests the endodontist can do to evaluate the health of the tooth nerve. It is not always cut and dried. Also bear in mind that it will probably take quite a while for things to resolve so you have to be patient.


Hi all. I went to the endodontist today and I definitely have an abscess in my back molar, shows clearly on x-ray. It isn’t a large abscess and it doesn’t appear to be pressing on any nerves. He is proceeding cautiously given the situation. From my description, especially the facial numbness he thinks its possibly a coincidence. He doesn’t want to overrule the other specialist diagnosis of TN just yet. The constant ache in my jaw is likely due to my bite being off due to the abscess pushing the tooth upward. Essentially creating a bruise from all the extra pressure on the one tooth. I am going to take antibiotics which should help with the bite issue fairly quickly and alleviate the jaw pain. He also hopes that the antibiotics will relieve the infection and maybe the numbness will go away. Anyhow, not scheduled for the procedure for a month, he wants me to have time to get things settled down. Also not to stop taking the Lyrica until all the dust has settled. Then I can see how I feel and test out the theory that it is all dental related. Getting a clear diagnosis is really difficult, I sure can see why. Thanks everyone. Java