I really want a massage. I use to have them regularly, however, since the pain, I don't want to stick my head in one of those donut things for fear it will trigger something.

Anyone get them regularly, or even occasionally? Does this trigger pain? Any tips?

Hi Lisa

I was getting massages for a while, but due to economics I had to give them up. Sigh.... :)

I was diagnosed with Atypical Facial Pain whatever that is (Red says its bunk! I believe him!) but have the symptoms of ATN. Anyway......for me it didnt trigger any issues, but if I went in with pain I did feel like I had more pressure in the eye area, sinus etc. Maybe if you asked them to stay away from your face and work on your back and maybe try your neck? Would be nice if you could enjoy one and not be triggered.

I've never had a massage, so I can't say. I'm really interested in trying rolfing. You should look it up...

I had one done last week and it was the most pain free hour I've had in a while. I still somehow believe that trigger points in my neck may play into my TN pain. This may or may not be true, but I always feel better during/after a massage. My normal pain is only under my right lower molars into my jaw. Working on my neck/scalp seems to help temporarily...if nothing else just to relax me. Good luck!

Could you make your own "custom donut" out of foam rubber that supports your head that doesn't touch your trigger points? Then make sure the therapist knows your no touch zone. Just a thought.


I get em very frequently, and have never had an attack. IN FACT, I think it somewhat helps. :slight_smile:


when I had my lightning storm attack days, I noticed that my neck would be very tight and pulled my head down and to the left (my tn side) enough that people would notice. The tighter and further down it pulled the worse the days. My wife would massage my neck and it seemed to make it better. My attacks would also stop during my treatments which are relaxing. My neck muscles haven't been tight like that since I haven't had any lightning attacks for a few months. maybe tight muscles can make the tn worse, don't know but something to think about.