Marijuana info

I definitely think it is worth a shot for many TN patients, and it is simply less harmful and addictive than many other alternatives we are presented with. I for one taking oxycodone, and that works better for me than the current type of marijuana I have. The marijuana does, however, work best to keep the migraines away as opposed to the electric shocks. It can also dehydrate you, which exacerbates my pain. If you don’t like to smoke, you can vaporize or eat it.

At the end of day, THC and CBD are just like EVERY OTHER DRUG. Individuals need to find the right drug at the right dosage for their unique bodies. Some drugs like Trileptal bring some individuals miraculous relief. For other individuals with the same condition, it does nothing. The same is true for the compounds in marijuana. For some people, it will do nothing. For others, it could give them a pain-free life for years. And that’s with much less adverse side effects (no liver damage, no stomach damage, no need for radiation, no surgery).

If it is legal where you live, and your current medication regimen isn’t working, I say do what you need to do to try it. Charlotte’s Web has the best anecdotal reputation for TN sufferers, but search around and ask your medical dispensary if they have other recommendations for TN specifically or nerve pain generally. Then give it time and treat it like you would your other medication. Take it at regular and increasing doses as you feel comfortable (they have specific varieties to decrease the likelihood that you will flip out, but it does make some people temporarily extremely anxious). If it doesn’t work for you after several weeks, you can try another strain, or you can decide it’s not for you.

The bottom line is: for anyone who sufferers as much severe and chronic pain as we do, the least you can do for yourself is eat a plant to see if it makes you feel better. You won’t overdose, and if your face is still swollen and hiding a lightning storm like mine is, it’s still nice to ease the pain a little while also making you a little happier and a little hungrier too.


Thank you for all your well thought out posts.I am one that codeine seems to keep my ATN somewhat at bay-and the marijuana oil at night for sleeping.After 2 years I am still trying to find a good daytime strain.
The opioid crisis is a real thing-especially when doctors just cut you off.If you have limited access to the oxycodone in China,at least you have some.Wishing you well with your studies in 2018.

ellen what codeine to you use? I’ve been toying with the idea of trying the medication acetaminophen-codeine for both my migraines and my ATN. Right now I use hydrocodone-acetaminophen. I’m lucky, I’ve been with my neuro for 16+ years so don’t have any issues getting the meds in the current climate but I’ve wondered about trying the lower tier controlled med. I do respond really well to codeine for cough…

What’s your opinion of codiene for pain?

I use 2 types because for some reason I do not respond to generic tylenol 3.
I use the name brand from Johnson and Johnson.And then I take a 30 mg
codeine tablet(to reduce the tylenol intake) and my gabapentin and
baclofen with it.Knocks the pain back for a few hours…Or pure codeine.

I am just lucky I have had the same family doctor for 30 years because no
one else would have believed what happened at the ;last appointment with
the neuro.
I tried generic hydrocodone once and it did not touch the pain.I have
weird responses to meds.Glad I stayed away for almost 60 years.
So if you were to just go down to tylenol 3 -I think it is called vicodin
in the States ,you might get relief
Wishing you wellness