Many blessings as well

I 110% totally agree with something a member said to me. How we think about having TN will effect us greatly.

This got me to thinking of the blessings I have in my life, that really out weigh the negatives of having TN. No where do I count the blessings more, than in the people I would have never met, if I did not have TN. One who stands out to me is my neurosurgeon. I first met Dr Raslan, when he was a fifth year neurosurgical resident, assisting on my first MVD, January 2009. Like often happens with the residents, they assist in your care, and then you do not see them again. 13 months went by. Time moved forward. I started hearing about the political unrest happening in Egypt, but did not give it much thought. That was until one morning I was listening to my favorite public radio talk show, "Think Out Loud." The two people being interviewed were two men, who had immigrated from Egypt, and were now leading the Egyptian ex-pat movement here in Portland. One was from Alexandra, Egypt, and was working as a electrical engineer at Intel. The other was a OHSU neurosurgical resident, that had immigrated from Cairo, Egypt. I stopped in my tracks, and just stared at the radio I wondered, is this who I think it is?.