Magnesium for pain relief

There’s a couple of old threads on this topic, just wondering if anyone is using Magnesium (Mg) for pain relief, it has been long known that it can help with muscle pain but there is also some evidence that it may help with Neural pain, I had a bit of a search and there are some positive studies, but many are non conclusive, so the evidence is weak to moderate.
We’re going to give it a try and see whether it helps, particularly as we have identified muscle tension issues.

Hi Sparky
I have tried the little powder MagPop and I don’t know if it helps or not.My symptoms are so variable.Who knows what helps.
Not doing too bad this week-still all the drugs but at least not in bed all day.
I am doing a trial of gerson therapy.
My neck seems to stretch equally both ways now.
1 session to go on the 3 part trial.
I have nothing less to lose at this point and 200 bucks to find out if something works is OK with me.At least the guy did not say to keep coming back if it was not helping,so I do trust him.Hope the magnesium helps.There should be a balance between the calcium and magnesium.I think 2 parts calcium and 1 part magnesium-or so I’ve read.Not sure how my fizzydrink alters all of that.

Hi Sparky1 (and ellen5!),

I started taking magnesium again recently after reading of its potential effect in reducing nerve pain. The nutritionist I spoke with suggested taking it with taurine. (I’m not sure I’m loving the taurine – could be a coincidence, but I don’t seem to feel well after I take it.)

I’m sure you’ve already looked around tons, but there’s some info:

Here’s a discussion of various forms of magnesium (see esp. glycinate and malate forms)

Please let us know how it goes. At the very least, magnesium helps with a good nights’ sleep! :slight_smile:

Stella / Canada2018

Coming at this from a migraine perspective, back in the late 1990s I believe it was the U. of TN did a study on magnesium and discovered fundamentally what it does is stabilize spinal fluid pressure.

Rather like keeping the oil pressure proper in your car, keeping spinal fluid pressure from wildly fluctuating helps keep the other parts of the spine (mainly all those nerve branches) more stable. Which gave indications of helping reduce the number of or strength of certain types of migraines. It would make sense that this could also help with other nerve firings and pain sensations. I didn’t search for any particular studies on that.

Be aware magnesium is often found in multi-vitamins and in other vitamin combinations, you have to take all of that dosing into consideration when adding a straight magnesium supplement.

Ellen 5, I looked at Charlotte Gersons work years ago when I was researching dietary protocols for our Graves Disease predicament, we ultimately chose another pathway, and at this stage we have even further evolved from that.
One of the major benefits I think from the plant based approach, is the stimulation of Gut Flora and there is a strong correlation between gut health and overall bodily health.
What we do these day’s I’d describe as Paleo light, mainly Fruit and Veg but not afraid of some meat and eggs.
I am aware of the Ca:Mg ratio, but at this point we are trying to shift the balance, so for 2 weeks we’re taking a Mg bias to see if it has any significant impact, not familiar with the MagPop we are using Magnesium Chelate supplement capsules.

Canada 2018
Haven’t looked at all your links, will check out after this post, re the taurine, after a while of looking at all this health stuff you just get over all the balancing acts. You see an alternative practitioner and they give you 52 different supplements so everything is in balance, really is this “shot gun” approach, maybe one will be right?, Then you see conventional medical coctor and they say take this 1 drug and you will be cured, both usually fail and the truth lies somewhere between, but maybe also beyond, so seek far and wide for clues to your Journey, Life is never simple.

Now that’s interesting, re the Mg stabilising spinal fluid, I did read that it often did take up mto 3 weeks before it had an impact, but I was not aware of the Spinal Fluid point.
We’re going to give it a shot far a few weeks to see how it goes, she’s already been using Epsom Salts (MgSO4) in her baths, so we will see how upping oral Mg goes.

In terns of finding the correct dose for Mg… I was advised by two different doctors and confirmed with a pharm the best thing to do is up the amount every few days until you get diarrhea. That’s how your body sheds excess Mg so once that starts you’ve found your max dose and you back off by one pill to stabilize.

It sounds kinda crazy but its really not as you body is telling you the best dose!

Been doing the higher Mg oral doses for a few weeks now, things have improved but I can’t say how much Mg has contributed as we have so many different things going on it’s hard to isolate things individually in some cases at current dose we have about 2 months supply, so we’ll just continue and review before we run out completely.