Lyrica & trouble sleeping?

Does Lyrica cause sleeplessness? I see warnings for drowsiness. It definitely does not make me drowsy. In fact, since I started taking it, I have trouble falling asleep (more than usual), and I can’t stay asleep. I wake up constantly through the night. And to make it worse,
I wake up early, and I’m unable to nap for some reason. My Dr & I
are still trying to get my pain under control. I need rest. Anyone else have this trouble sleeping while taking Lyrically?

I think everyone reacts differently to the meds, but I definitely have insomnia from them. I was on Lyrica for 3 months and that's when it started. Now I am on Gabapentin and it's worse. I didn't sleep AT ALL last night. I laid down and took a 3 hour nap this aftenoon, but this is becoming an all too common experience. I miss sleep. I miss feeling rested. I would even take drowsy if I was getting at least 8 hours at night. Sorry you are dealing with this too. But you aren't alone. Good luck and hoping sweet dreams!

I haven't noticed any extra drowsiness. I could fall asleep at anytime, but I think it's all from Tegretol. I feel like it's causing me to have really vivid dreams though.

I drink sleepy-time tea at night and I also try and take a bath right before I go to bed. The bath totally calms me down and instantly takes away my pains, stresses, and just gets me in the mood to sleep.

Good luck!!

Some people, for whatever reason, have the opposite reaction to medications. I have never, ever had a narcotic cause me to be tired or groggy.... I instead, get insomnia. I can feel my brain working to fight off the grogginess, if that makes sense. I am told I am a "rare" bird on this one. Remember that the side effects that are listed are the most common ones.