Lyrica dosage

New here. My Dad has managed TN well for 4 yrs, mostly quiet except for minor flare ups with a low dose of Lyrica. He even stopped taking it for awhile. He had some other health issues this winter and now is unable to talk or eat because of the unbearable stabs and jolts. So the Lyrica has been increased by neurologist to 450 a day. How high can this dose go? He was also prescribed Lortab that helped for a few days, not so much now.


I’m also new here too , I’ve had my tn for only 4 months and I have the same problem as your dad, to eat is so painful,from the chewing and also the back of my tongue is sensitive. Talking holds the same problem, my teeth hurt and combined with my tongue it’s hard going at times and made more frustrating because I tend to lisp and have to repeat words :frowning:

I’m taking Lyrica and I’m currently working up to a dose of 600mg a day, I don’t know if that’s the limit , google may hold the answer under a ’ what’s the maximum lyrica dose’ although for epilepsy, people take a much higher dose .

Has he tried tegretol ?, it’s supposed to be the first line medication as it seems to work well for a lot of people. I can’t take it, I’m allergic to it :frowning:
Is your dad on any other medication ? I take amitriptyline 95-115 mg a day and for pain I have naproxen, paracetamol and codeine. Because I am in agony with spasm/ pain attacks constantly and am having trouble eating, my doctor gave me liquid morphine.

With regard to eating, I try and take my pain medication an hour before I attempt to eat and stick mainly to no chew food which is a pain in the behind, but not as big a one as I get if I try to bite or chew, I also use a straw to drink but even that can hurt because my lips are constantly electric .

It’s an on going battle and I really feel for you both, it’s hard for your dad and hard for you also to see.

Maybe the other members here will be of more use, as I said, I’ve only had this for a few months, although it has been quite aggressive from the start .

Wish you both well,

Louise .

Can you call your dad's doctor and ask dr. to IMMEDIATELY call in some prescription lidocaine patches for topical relief?

I don't know how high on lyrica you can go -- it made me stoned! But Lidocaine allowed me to eat and talk and keep my meds lowered -- lasts 12 hrs. at a time!

If inside mouth hurts too - there is lidocaine prescription mouthwash .....

Keep Posting!

Louise -- these might help you also!

Thanks kc, a numb mouth sounds like a Godsend :slight_smile:

Let us know if it works for you - you can gamble on this and not have much to lose -- but I've heard great reviews here of the mouthwash!

Louise said:

Thanks kc, a numb mouth sounds like a Godsend :)

Louise...i had (have) same problem with talking/eating sometimes.

My Dr gave me prescription for "magic mouthwash"..which is basically maalox, benedryl, and lidocaine. You swish..or really for me, just hold it in your mouth for about 2 mins or so...or however long it takes for the pain to go away. Then i eat. It really numbs my mouth and it lasts about a good 30-40 mins. Plenty of time to eat.

Also, my pain was so bad that my Dr just gave me a prescription for the plain liquid lidocaine itself. I apply it with a q-tip to the specific spots of pain.

Please ask (demand!) your dad's doctor about these things....they help so much!

Hoping your dad gets a mouth full of magic mouthwash soon..