Lyrica and erectile dysfunction

FYi-I have been on Lyrica for 3 years but over time it was less effective The god news that aft stopping it my issues with erectile dysfunction have disappeared an I have been successful even w/o ED drugs-apparently you lose sensation down south as well as other areas

It has even affected women down south too!

Always check with pharmacist when you want to add a med, or get a new one - they are theeee guru for side effects - Drs. don't care about side effects!

I have had this side effect with all these drugs. That is why I don't take them . However it is unbearable at times to live with this constant facial pain. I wake up with the pain and it is very persistent most of the day. Stress makes it worse. I don't have too much of a problem with erections , it is reaching orgasm that is the problem. As soon as I quit taking neurontin or lyrica the problem goes away. I try to manage the pain with exercise and alpha lipoic acid , benfotiamine and methyl b12. That does work surprising well at times. Just when I think I have the pain under control I have an awful day and I reach for the meds. The meds do help me sleep better and they make me feel stoned. I don't take for more than a couple days though.

I have suffered for 10 long years now and I am only 53. No doctor will do surgery on me because my MRI was normal. I have type 2 and I have intense pins needles , with constant aching that affects the entire left side of my head.

I feel like I can''t live the rest of my life like this. I keep trying though

I am older and have had TN longer. The accumulation of drugs for TN and other problems related to aging and not taking care of myself has done that to me, too -- just when my marriage was perking up after a long dormancy. It's hard to know what drugs are responsible and what you can safely cut. "Doctors don't care about side effects." Yeah.

Do try to live, even if it's like this. Life brings some joys, even thru the pain. Death brings ???

My advice is have some fun'Take a weekend holiday from ED effects and dropp Lyrica and use percoset for the weekend

I find it intriguing that there is so little discussion of "adult" issues on these boards. I mean, all that pain, all those drugs, and everyone else is OK in that dept.?? There's even a group established for such themes but not much doing there. I take too many drugs for this and other conditions that I don't know what to drop safely. Percoset has perking powers, you say?

You have to pick your battles. When my TN was at it's worst, sex was the furthest thing from my mind.

I would rather suffer with the pain than give up sex. These drugs will help with the pain , but rob you of your sex life

I agree that intimacy is important and having a caring and understanding partner is paramount Have there been any couples that have met here ?