Lyme Disease Mimicking TN

I've been reading a lot of articles lately on how Lyme Disease can mimic various conditions, TN and other Neurological conditions, one of them.

On the rare off chance, has anyone been tested positive for Lyme Disease to explain your TN or other conditions (Vertigo, Memory Loss, Nocturnia, Night Sweats etc.)

I have looked on the Lyme Disease site within this network but couldn't find anything relevant. I have currently and in the past, experienced many of those symptoms but thought it was due to meds of my pain itself.

Hope everyone is having a low pain/pain free day!

Hi Jamie,

I recall some members of TN group mentioned they tested positive for Lyme, if you try the search box it will probably return a few discussions on this subject. There are other infections aside Lyme that are believed to cause the symptoms you mentioned (chlamydia, mycoplasma and others).

You put that in search box here and no answers for you.?

I also thought my other symptoms were from the meds I was given for TN. I tested positive for the antibodies to lyme about a year and a half after my diagnosis of TN. I was bitten by a tick but did not get the bullseye rash. I went for years with problems with my tendons and joints. I lots four babies in the second trimester from a blood clotting disorder the doctors could not explain. I had a myriad of symptoms that i mostly kept to myself because they seemed so crazy.

Some things I wish I had known before, The standard lyme test that most doctors do is not accurate and they do not believe that late stage lyme exists. You need to go to a Lyme Literate MD and be tested for the antibodies to lyme. You might want to read on various sites the symptoms of Lyme and read some stories. This was how I knew I should go and get tested. When I watched other peoples stories, they were just like mine except they did not have TN. They are also finding now that lyme can be spread by mosquitos and i think fleas. Just my own opinion but I believe the cause for TN pain is referred from nerve problems in the neck. My TN pain went away with neck exercises to push back in a bulging disc. I saw a great deal of improvement in my other symptoms by eliminating wheat, processed dairy and sugar from my diet. I think inflammation causes a lot of problems. I sincerely hope you find answers and relief from your pain.