Low Vitamin D Levels, and Chronic Pain?

Does any one know the correlations between low vitamin D levels and chronic pain? On Monday I saw a rheumatologist. He took what I swear to be a gallon of blood from me to do some blood work. One of the tests was for vitamin D. I've been looking at the blood results as they come in. Any hoot the vitamin D levels came back super low at 12 ng/ML and the standard range is 30 - 80 ng/ML. Out of curiosity I Googled low vitamin D levels. One of the things that popped up was chronic pain. The one spot of info I could find so far was low levels of this vitamin making pain management more difficult as pain is created by low levels and can sustain even with the use of narcotics. Thus patients needed higher doses of narcotics to control chronic pain. Does anybody know where I can find more information on this correlation? I want to bring this up at my next appointments with my general doctor and the pain management doctor. Thanks

There has been speculation in the past that low Vitamin D may be one of the causes of TN. But I've never seen positive confirmation of this connection in medical literature. It seems more likely that suppression of Vitamin D and Sodium are side effects of many of the medications used to treat the disorder. Both are appropriate periodic blood tests for patients under medication with anti-seizure agents used to treat TN.

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Thanks Red. I did not see any studies or suggestions on Vitamin D as the causes of TN; rather low levels of Vitamin D making pain management more difficult, and patients with low Vitamin D needing narcotics used higher doses of narcotics than those who did not have low Vitamin D levels. I've only been able to find one study on this by the Mayo Clinic. It makes me wonder a bit if this would be true with other medications such as the other medications used to treat chronic pain. Are there any studies on this? I'd like to find some more info on this. Here is the link that I found on the Mayo Clinic's study of low vitamin D and narcotics http://newsblog.mayoclinic.org/2009/03/20/mayo-clinic-researchers-link-vitamin-d-and-chronic-pain-relief/

Before I started on medication for Tn and was 1st diagnosed, my doctor found my vitamin D level was extremely low as well, the funny thing is , I work outdoors, take a multivitamin every day. Anyhoo, she thought that maybe either the TN caused the low vitamin D level or vice versa, but she told me there was no concrete proof. I took the Vit D she prescribed and my levels are up but I dont see any difference of before and after in my pain, just my experience with it, but I found it interesting as well since I never had an issue with it in the past 50 years, Wendy

Almost everyone that I talk to who gets blood work done is low on Vitamin D. This group includes people with and without chronic pain.

I have never been low on it before, like I said I work outdoors, get tons of sun, I have had tons of blood tests because I am hypo-thryoid, this is a first for me. I know I never have been before, I was just putting it out there, doubt there is a connection, but I am always curious and looking for answers even if they are a dead end

Totally understand. I was pretty surprised my partner and I both were low on D, we live in Southern California and get sun all year long. I think I assumed the sun was enough and it's not, at least not for me.

hmmm... sounds like I might need to be tested for low vitamin D. I was just told by a chiropractor that I have bone spurs on my c6 and c7 vertabraes that are growing into the nerve. pain is unbearable. good info and confirmation!

Interesting-- I just found out that my vitamin D level is below normal.

My endocrinologist started checking my vitamin D levels when I started to complain of joint pain and just chronically feeling blah. My vitamin D was low (as was my vit B). I started taking supplements and just felt better.

Oh, that is good to hear Jennifer. I have been on vitamin D(2000IUD) and a B12 shot every week for 3 months and I did not feel any different. My GP told me to take more vitamin D (3000 IUD) because my levels are still low. My b12 level is better though.

Jennifer G said:

My endocrinologist started checking my vitamin D levels when I started to complain of joint pain and just chronically feeling blah. My vitamin D was low (as was my vit B). I started taking supplements and just felt better.

It did take me a few weeks (this was last summer) but it did work. I’m hoping the same for you!

I am very interested also in whether there is a link between TN and vitamin D deficiency

Based on diagnosis of idiopathic TN type 1 and 2 and also unexplained bone and muscle pain in arms, hands and legs, cognitive problems, my primary dr ordered blood tests for D, B vitamins and folate among other tests, which were the first such tests in my life. Results: vitamin D deficiency (level was 15, normal range 30-100), folate ok, B12 on low side of normal. Dr said vitamin D deficiency can cause bone pain, memory problems, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal problems, and depression. Prescribed 50,000 units of vitamin D once a week for 8 weeks, and then will do follow up blood tests; just started yesterday. I have had bone pain, memory problems, gastrointestinal problems and depression for many years, and analyzing my diet and lifestyle am pretty sure based on those factors have been deficient in D for at least 13 years. I have never taken any anti-seizure medications until last week, when my neurologist started me on Neurontin, which has yet to help with my TN. Maybe after the dosage is up.

I can totally believe the link between vitamin D deficiency and ineffectiveness of pain medications...I tend to tolerate pain until it is unbearable and then most pain medications do not work for me even in high doses, with the exception of ultracet and demerol which provided some relief for a spinal injury, nerve impingement and sciatica, but not for TN.

Here are some articles that mention the link between vitamin D and pain. MS, RA, diabetes, cancer and other autoimmune diseases may also be linked to vitamin D deficiency.




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