Lost my job today

Well I was told I will still be active so I can file LTD
Weighing my options either way doctor won’t release me to work till after May 7th.

Sorry to hear this.

Thank you. Me too but I’m trying to look at it like something better will come along

Betty so sorry I have heard other stories about employers trying to demote or let people go due to their T N
I kept my HR people up to date re: info on this rare affliction/disease/life altering state weare in as Even though they do not approve of time off for sickness they are also in a position that they will hire people with disabilities…I’m it
Here is hoping you will be happier in a different position possibly less stress. Ps I cannot stand the slightest of breezes and therefore my doctor signed a form.for a disabled parking permit which has been great for this past winter for shopping
All the best to you and do not get over stressed as that cud hav a negative effect on TN

Thank you Chippy. I think I have made peace with it. It will work out I’m sure.