Looking for protection from winter wind on face

I recently have spent a lot of time looking for head/face gear to provide protection from winter wind since it can majorly set off my TN. I would like to share a product that seems to work pretty good and is available in Canada. The brand is called Buff and you can visit buffcanada.com to view it. I purchased one that has a double layer of fabric and fabric combo and is reversible. One layer is polar fleece. They make a variety of weights some more suited to spring/summer. It seems to work well especially with added protection from my down climbing jacket which is very light but extends up to the nose area.

I did try some balaclavas but found them awkward. Would love to hear what others have found. This is a pretty practical discussion related to TN protection and I am not sure I have seen any conversations of this nature. Love to hear how you manage in windy conditions and winter.

Hi. I too also suffer from wind (haha a breeze in the air). I found a hat which is actually for construction workers. This is a lining for hard hats. It is very soft fleece on the inside and a wind resistant 'duck cotton) or heavier material. This liner wraps around your neck like a scarf and fastens with Velcro. There is also a piece which can be worn which covers your nose cheeks and chin. This is also attached with Velcro. I have been out in 100 km winds with this and felt secure. However when the weather is cold as it is now -15 C plus wind chill I prefer to be indoors hibernating even if I do get cabin fever


Hi Chippy
Good to know someone else has a similar concern but not always easy to avoid going out in the cold. We are headed for minus 30 and the rest of next week is in the minus high teens to 20s. Sounds like you have found a good wind solution for yourself but does anybody recognize you in that gear :)?would you like to try a Buff? I was given a few as a donation by the company and started this thread to see if there were some people I could give them to. Let me know but no promises I could send it soon as I am leaving the country for a bit. Yes I am heading south but am pretty sure it will be cold when I return .


Yup we are in a deep freeze here too. Last night -35 C with wind chill and continuing until next week

No people do not recognize me but then I usually wear that " gear" when I want to just get out of the cabin so to speak. I have a large wool Roots infinity scarfe I wear out in public as it is very wide. Itcanbeplaced on my hair as a shawl effect and ihold the rest up to cover face.

I am not sure what a buff is - can you describe it
I am glad you are going south. I am looking at flights because this past week with the old my right cheek area hasbeen acting up since MVD and today my teeth are zinging. I haven’t had that since before surgery in Sept last year. It scares me because after gamma in 2013 I got caught out in cold weather last January and pain came back. I started upping my Carbamazepine in hopes this subsides. Worst case scenario is figuring out if I can find suitable/ inexpensive living here and out of country for the winter months.
Enjoy your time south and soak up the sun

Hi Chippy

Sorry to you hear you are having some pain issues at the moment.have you contacted your neurologist? There may be some other Meds you could take to bump up the relief other than the carb which takes awhile to kick in. Someone on the site somewhere also referred to a topical cream that had given them some relief.

In my first post I gave a bit of a description but you might want to go to the web site buffcanada.com. There are variety of different items with different uses in various weather conditions. My offer still stands to send you one as they were intended as donations from the company to TN members.

Deb. Thanks. I did look up Buff Canada. We’re you talking about the large neck scarf? My infinity from Roots is great and keeps me warm. I have a lighter weight infinity which is good too. My liner is great for shovelling snow etc around house. I think I might scare a few people in it if warn out in public places.
I had tried calling my neurologist but her office is closed — me thinks she left Canada for warmer places :).
Thanks and keep in touch