Living With Facial Pain

Looking for other warriors socal


Looking for anyone in the southern California area for local support. I went to a near by chronic pain support group and was asked for a membership fee. Are you kidding me I need emotional support not a club house dues. Just about every I look up is to far or I need the right medical insurance. This is bologna and not the Oscar Myer kind that stuff rocks.


Hi Nicholas,

I have been dealing with TN since September and also am looking for support. I did not realize there were support groups, or at least I have not looked for any. I’m in Los Angeles.


Just general pain management support groups


Here in the Bay area (northern california) we have actually a TN support group run by Stanford University with speakers from the medical community:



Do they teleconference


I’ve been in hell for a long time now and I believe I’m going to be losing my wife and my family soon because of this. My wife tells me that I’m not the same person I used to be but she doesn’t really understand that this changes people. I’ve been a stay-at-home caregiver for her for the last 10 years because she has lupus no immune system and seizure disorder. She says that I need to make a change for the better but I keep asking for her to try and understand but it’s hard with someone who has Asperger’s


everyone keeps saying this is an excuse that I have


Did you look at the facial pain association? In considering joining, although its $50 a year for membership.
Not sure if this is the one you previously mentioned.




I wish I could afford to spend 6 bucks on melatonin and get some sleep


I live in Simi Valley, north of the San Fernando Valley. Are you anywhere close to us?


I’m not sure that you would get anymore help there than you do here.


Santa clarita