Looking for a TN specialist in CA

Hi my mom is suffering from TN2 and TN3. Her episodes of pain are so severe that they make her vomit. She has been struggling with this pain for a few years now. Sometimes she goes months with no pain and then she will get an attack but it passes and then she is ok again for a few weeks, months. This time her pain lasted days and she had to take Morphin because the pain was so excruciating. She has been seeing a neurologist but she isn't a TN Specialist and I would like to find one for her. Does anyone know of one in California? Thank you.

Hi Nancy,

Question--what is TN 3? One of our best neurosurgeons for TN is in California and he is helping a lot of people. Dr. Mark Linskey. http://www.ucirvinehealth.org/find-a-doctor/l/mark-linskey/

Hi justjane37, my moms specialist said she has TN2 and TN3 because her pain runs to her head. Thank you for Dr. Mark Linskey recommendation! His office is near my work. I will be taking my mom to see him.

I have never heard of TN3. He is one of, if not, the best! Sufferers travel from far and wide to see him. Good luck and I hope he can help.

I hope so too justjane37. Can anyone share what helps stop the pain episode quickly? My mom lives in fear of getting these pains. If she knew of a way to stop it or get relief from it quickly she might be able to live a more normal life.

Has she tried any Tn meds? Anti convulsant or tricyclic anti depressants are commonly prescribed. No quick fix with this monster. Pain pills don’t work

Not moving and staying quiet for a while. I listen to podcasts. Sometimes if I can get past the zap I can continue what I’m doing. Other times I just have to lie down and wait. I have meds, heating pads, numbing creams and patches that I reach for when I need to. I call it my TN toolbox. My go to things for an attack. Is a process learning what works for you. Finding an experienced caring Doctor should be a number one priority. I went through six neurologists before I found one that could really help. Best wishes

justjane37 yes my mom is taking Carbamazepine HCL 200 mg. With her recent attack they increased it to 4 pills a day. Anna Willard, I will have my mom try what you do. We usually rush her to the hospital and all they do is give her a shot of Morphine and send her home.

Hi…Stanford Medical and UCSF Nuero

Have excellent TN surgeons

Thank you SF Bill. My moms doctor doesn't want to do surgery just yet. She said it is last resort. I don't know when it becomes last resort, I feel her last episode should be considered just that.

Out here in Upland California, Dr. Mesiwala, neurosurgeon, specifically focused on TN , MVD surgery.
I’m still recovering from procedure. I had MVD Sept 23, 2015

Dr Mark Linskey best MVD specialist.