Long term side effects of the nerve artery seperation surgery

I have had TN since 2008. I had the surgery performed on my right side where a Teflon swizzile stick is placed around the nerve to act as a shield to protect the TN nerve. My nerve was almost severed by arterial pressure prior to my 2010 surgery. The surgery was successful (so far) leaving me with rare moderate TNish symptoms.

My issue is that the surgery has left me with constant ear pain that ranges from moderate sensation like I had been swimming to severe pain like an ear infection accompanied with jaw pain. The worst symptoms are associated with have a cold or sinus issues. I have tried steroids and think the risk of additional exploratory surgery further damaging my ear isn't worth it.

My question is how common is this? I have tried decongestants and in the end strong opioid's are the only band aid that works. My problem is that even though I have a standing order for Norco when the three month script runs it I have to fight the health care system to renew my prescription. I often will have two three months of uncontrolled pain during the time that it takes to get the script refilled and then three months later I am back to square one. Any suggestions or feedback on the surgical side effects?

Perhaps a different med us in order. I would call the doctor immediately. Unfortunately, this dose happen after MVD. I am going through the same thing and on an anti convulsant again. I am only working part time This has challenged me beyond measure

Is there any moraphine type that can go in the ear!? Ask pharmacist!