Liver count and how to help

Just before Christmas last my doc called me in after a blood test as I felt just rotten and “off it” all the time. he told me my liver count was not good and he wanted me to see a specialist. our Christmas was ruined as it looked like my cancer was back after 8 yrs. I had ultrasound And MRCI and nothing insidious was found and I needed 2 more appointments to get an all clear and it took 6 months!!Liver Doc said my count was high due to taking Tegretol and that’s pretty normal.

I read up on the net what would help my liver. A lovely member here suggested I supplement with milk thistle and I have. I stopped drinking the small amount of alcohol I did have. Cut salt back as far as possible and adopted a low fat diet. I also stopped all soda’s. I added an extra portion of fruit to all 3 meals and waited for my 6 monthly blood test. I had the results today and my count is normal. I could jump for joy. I am so happy. thank you Dawn for your advice and I have written this for Any more members who have this worry. I Must stress that I did check with my GP before starting the supplements and new life style and he endorsed it.

Excellent news, Jackie. I'm really pleased for you.

That said, let's all be aware that there's a range of responses to Tegretol. It's wise to obtain the concurrence of your primary physician before embarking on a dietary solution for Liver toxicity.

This is not to poo-poo your experience in any way, gracious lady. Merely to advise others to use caution in generalizing from your results without professional advice. Some of the so-called "supplements" can also interact with drugs in ways that are hard to predict.

Go in Peace and Power.

But most definitely the soda and alcohol I can and will do without. And a little more fruit never hurts. Thanks, Jackie. I am happy for you. Min