I have some lidocaine gel for another condition, and just now I rubbed it on my temple, jaw and in front of my ear...I'M AMAZED! I don't know how long this relief will last for, but I think I've discovered something good! Another friend tells me that natural Arnica gel helps her. I just want to shout about lidocaine from the rooftops. There is even a lidocaine patch that you can put on the area, but lidocaine has to be used carefully, it can cause heart beat changes if too much is used. We need to find a way to tell everyone about lidocaine. I''ll wait a little while to see just how long this relief lasts before I write about it in more places, because if I have to reapply constantly, that's too much lidocaine for the body to handle.

I went up to the empty search box and typed "LIDOCAINE" and there are some WONDERFUL discussions about it! A nasal spray that directly affects the trigeminal nerve, (2 discussions about that), so others have found relief from this too. Why don't more doctors know about this???


Stefanie it's just called lidocaine cream or lidocaine gel. Even Dr. Oz talked about it today on his show for various types of pain. Just tell your Dr. that you know another person with ATN who had success with lidocaine cream, and would she mind prescribing you some. It is very temporary though. There's a cream I like much better that you could ask about. A pharmacy has to mix it up for you. It's diclofenac10% cream. It lasts longer than lidocaine. No smell, either. Its so effective that they pass it out to every patient on the orthopedics floor here, and I hear most people continue to have it refilled because it's so good.

Good luck!