Lidocaine patch 5%

Hi all. I suffer from atn and I am presently only takng tegretol 600 mg twice a day. I have been experiencing break through pain since November. I have not been able to go back to see my neurologist since I lost my job in December as well as my insurance. My husband just received a prescription for patches and I rembember reading something in previous discussions about the patch. How should I use them? Can I cut them and if I do, can I use the remnants at a later time? Thank you all for listening.

I took one big patch, cut off 1/3 or less, then you cut that part into pieces and shapes that you put on your pain paths! Cusomize !

Then the packet you don’t use, you can just seal it with a chip clip, or put in a Baggie. It doesn’t dry out, even if you don’t seal it back.

I don’t know if you can see this member wore her patches proud!